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Why the Only “Booty Shots” You Should Consider is the Fat Transfer to Buttocks

If you’re looking for a butt augmentation procedure that doesn’t require as much commitment and investment as butt implants, you’re in luck. You no longer have to resort to shady and illegal butt injections, aka “booty shots” either – there is now a safer, medically-validated procedure that you can opt for. Enter the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer.

This procedure has been gaining popularity recently, and for good reason. It’s a safe way to get a bigger booty, with the added bonus of making one look slimmer too. So how exactly does it work?

In a nutshell, the Brazilian Butt lift works by transferring fat in other areas of your body to your booty. The actual process starts with a consultation in an accredited hospital where a doctor will assess if you have sufficient body fat to handle the procedure. Generally, women size 6 and up are qualified for the procedure.

After the initial assessment, the doctor will liposuction fat from up to three different areas in the body (stomach, thighs, and lower back are common). This fat will then be purified and re-injected through a series of microinjections done to specific areas in your butt. Since your own fat is being used, there is zero chance of rejection by your body, it also looks very natural since it is injected into the muscle. Fat has a great property wherein it mimics the form of whichever part of the body it is injected in. So when injected to the muscle it looks firm and not lumpy at all.

So why is is this better than run-of-the mill cheap butt injections? First of all – the Brazilian Butt Lift it is legal, meaning you are not letting your body go through unnecessary health risks. The fact that your own fat is being used also means you are not subjecting yourself to potentially toxic substances that your body might reject. Silicone, Hydrogel, PMMA and other sorts of unbranded butt injections usually contain contaminants that can be highly toxic.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is also performed by doctors and other medically-trained professionals, unlike with cheap butt injections where the shots are performed by people with hardly any credentials. Doctors in accredited institutions have access to resources such as high-quality anesthesia and the inputs of certified anesthesiologists. Having anesthesia administered on you by amateurs open you up to a higher risk of potentially fatal blood clotting and respiratory or cardiac failure.

There is also a very low risk of infection with the Brazilian Butt Lift, since your own fat is being used for the procedure. Since the incision wounds are very near the anus, there is an increased chance of infections in the wounds after the procedure. However, the doctors will give you specific instructions on how to care for your wounds and they can also give you access to medicines that will help keep your risks for infections at bay.

You can schedule in numerous post-operation consultations to make sure that there are no issues with infections. These are not benefits you would get with cheap side street butt injections. You will be prone to infections, both from the artificial injectables. and from the unsanitary surroundings that the injections will be conducted in. There is very rarely any advice or support for how to care for your wounds post-procedure too.

Aside from the Brazilian Butt Lift looking more natural than lumpy silicone injections, it lasts longer too. To compare, silicone or hydrogel injections have a maximum lifespan of 18 months, before it requires a touch up. The Brazilian Butt Lift can be potentially permanent. While some fat reabsorption might occur with the Brazilian Butt lift, the results you see three months after the procedure is already set permanently.

safer booty shots

This procedure can assure you of butt size growth of up to 50%. The Brazilian Butt Lift also has a more pronounced effect since it shaves off fat from other parts of your body, making you look curvier, and this would make your plump derriere stand out even more.

Another great thing about the Brazilian Butt Lift does not take months to recover from. Around two weeks of rest is all you need before you can go back to work. Unlike with cheap illegal butt injections where there is no predicting when the swelling or pain will die down, it will keep you from functioning normally for longer. With the heightened risk of complications post-procedure, cheaper injections can keep you in recovery mode for months at a time.

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