Botcho Cream for a Bigger Buttocks: What Is It and Does it Work?

There has been a lot of hullabaloo over a new cream from West Africa that can increase the size of the buttocks. This cream is referred to as Bôtchô cream and many people think that Bôtchô is an actual ingredient in the cream, but it is not.

Bôtchô is actually just a popular term used in the Ivory Coast of West Africa to refer to a woman’s huge badonkadonk. The term, and the cream, became popular due to the popularity of the Bobaraba (big bottom) dance – the latest song by muscial duo DJ Mix and Eloh DJ – which is why Bôtchô cream is also referred to as Bobaraba cream.

The problem with Bôtchô cream is that it’s not always clear what exactly is in the cream. There are many variations of Bôtchô cream out there, but the original was created by a man named Dr. Zoh.

According to this news article, Dr. Zoh is not really a doctor – in fact, he’s never attended university. Still – he’s managed to concoct an all-natural booty cream using ingredient drawn from plants and honey.

botcho cream reviews
Dr. Zoh in his Botcho Shop

“I mix the concoction myself, using my grandparents’ countryside ingredients. Bobaraba and Bôtchô were devised to help our sisters who want full figures. They just apply the cream twice a day to the area they wish to enlarge and it starts working right away!”

It’s uncertain exactly what is in the cream, but it’s clear that his customers are satisfied.

Until we know more about the actual ingredients of Bôtchô cream, we’re unwilling to give it a recommendation.

If you’re still wanting to get your hands on some and try it for yourself, please do the necessary research before even ordering the product.

Here are 2 places we’ve found (the most legitimate-looking out of everything) and some information about them:

Beauty by NatureM

botcho creamThis Bôtchô cream is sold by a woman named Myam Miam from the Ivory Coast. She doesn’t disclose the ingredients of her Bôtchô cream, but on her site you can find a video in which Dr. Zoh mentions Myam Miam…in French.

The product that she’s selling seems to be Dr. Zoh’s original Bôtchô cream, for about 2 to 3 times the original price. Again, it’s unclear what the ingredients are and it’s good to know for sure, especially when the price is so steep (it’s $60 – $70 per jar) so be sure to research and buy at your own risk.


botcho creamBotchoPlus is a little better (probably the best of the Botcho products) simply because we actually know what it’s made of. The seller says BotchoPlus is an enhanced formula of Dr. Zoh’s effective and widely-known original Botcho Cream.

Well, if that’s true – then Dr. Zoh’s Botcho Cream is nothing other than Pueraria Mirifica :)  The ingredients listed on their site is Pueraria Mirifica and a proprietary blend of potent herbs and oils from Africa and South America. Update November 18, 2014 – they’ve also added Volufiline into their product.

This sounds good, except for one big problem – we have no idea where BotchoPlus is getting their Pueraria Mirifica from. As we mention here, it’s really important where the PM comes from and how it is farmed. We would honestly recommend skipping on this Botcho Plus and opting for a high quality, farmed cultivar Pueraria Mirifica product instead – it’s cheaper and you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your PM is safe and effective.

All in all, the “Botcho” creams currently available are not so trustworthy and we don’t recommend them.

Best bet? We say…why not make your own using what’s found in the above BotchoPlus? You can use the same ingredients found in BotchoPlus but make sure that they’re the highest quality – i.e. Combine Purafem’s 100% pueraria mirifica with a deep-penetrating Emu oil as well as the super effective VoluPlus-containing IsoSensuals Curve.

You get total control of the quality of all ingredients…plus, it’s cheaper :)

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    • Hi Latoya, as mentioned in the article – we’re a bit wary of this “botcho” cream and we certainly don’t sell it. We only provided info for sellers who do/did sell it. Our best suggestion for botcho cream is that since it seems to be mostly made of pueraria mirifica – the wisest thing to do would be to get the raw ingredients and take that rather than opting for a cream that doesn’t even list the ingredients.

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