Why You Should Absolutely Avoid Cheap Butt Injections

Considering shady, cheap butt injections to save a few bucks? Don’t trade in your safety for savings. Here are the top 5 reasons you don’t want to go the cheap and quick route for butt injections.

1. Artificial butt injections are illegal for a reason

They use silicone for butt implants, so what’s the harm in injecting silicone up your rump?


Artificial liquid injectables are still banned by the FDA because there is a chance that the liquids you inject will travel to different parts of your body, blocking blood flow and causing organs to malfunction. There have been reported cases of lost arms and limbs, or even serious failure of key organs such as the lungs or the liver caused by silicone blockages.

Aside from silicone, PMMA, hydrogel and other liquid substances are also illegal because the FDA has not conducted enough conclusive research to prove that these chemicals are not toxic in themselves. For example, the breakdown of Hydrogel injectables have a tendency to release a potent neurotoxin called acrylamide.What’s the point of having a big, round, gorgeous booty if you’re dead?

Lastly, since these are banned substances, the production is not monitored at all. You have no way to prove that the claims on the packages are true, and you would have no assurance on what kind of ingredients are in the mix. There have been reports of homemade injectables containing highly toxic materials such as cement.

2. Invasive procedures will be done by amateurs

Aside from the possibility of chemical poisoning in your body, the unregulated methods and the unlicensed people who will be doing the procedure also pose a big risk. For starters, they typically don’t have access to medical grade tools or anesthesia. This would mean the procedure would be very uncomfortable. If they do provide anesthesia, they might get crucial things such as dosage wrong. Complications from anesthesia can also arise leading to respiratory problems or even cardiac arrest. Not fun.

Since the butt injections also require you to lie down for hours at a time, there is also an increased risk of thromboembolisms. Thromboembolisms are blood clots that can traverse your bloodstream and block the functions of your heart, lungs or even your brain. This can cause irreversible damage in most cases, and can even be fatal.

The worst part is that in emergency cases such as this, the people who are administering the shots will be ill-equipped to deal with them. Since most cheap butt injections are illegal, the place you get your butt injections from won’t be of any help once complications ensues, they might even be hesitant to bring you to a legitimate hospital because they fear getting caught. They are not like hospitals that you can sue for botched procedures, these fly-by-night operations disappear fast, so there’s no chance that you can go back to them to complain about any of the side effects post-procedure.

3. There is a serious risk of infection

The nature of any medical or cosmetic procedure performed near the butt is more prone to infections than other parts of the body since it is very near the anus – which is precisely why patients are monitored so carefully after a surgical procedure like butt implants. This is especially true for butt injections where the incision is made very close to your butt hole.

Now if you combine this heightened risk with the unsanitary environment of cheap butt injections, you double your risk.

cheap butt injections risks


Since cheap buttock injections are usually illegal, they are done very haphazardly, tools may not be sanitized or the ones doing the procedure may not have a high regard for hygiene. Unlike legitimate doctors that will give you detailed post-procedure instructions and medicines to prevent infections, these shady operations will just take your money and send you out the door. Your risk of infection and swelling also increases if you do not get instructions on how to take care of the wounds properly – which you can bet, you won’t from these fly-by-night operations.

4. There is no guarantee that the effects of the butt injection will last

What really adds insult to injury is that on top of all the risks that come with illegal butt injections – they don’t even offer permanent results!

The lifetime of silicone and hydrogel injections only span from as short as 6 months to a maximum of about 18 months. As such, they require frequent touch-ups since they have a tendency to harden or look lumpy after a while.

Starting out with silicone or hydrogel injection means that you have to continuously pump your body with these chemicals if you want to maintain the shape of your booty. The higher the concentration of these chemicals in your body, the bigger the risk of it traveling through your blood stream and getting in the way of your other, actually important bodily functions.

5. There are long-term health risks with cheap butt injections

Those who undergo cheap butt injections usually sign up for a lifetime of discomfort and fear of repercussions. Most older women who underwent butt injections in the past definitely regretted it. They now have to deal with lumpy-looking bottoms that are swollen and constantly sensitive to the touch.

They also complain of various hard areas in their bodies such as their backs where the silicone from the butt implants seem to have traveled to. Not to mention also having to fight off constant infections due to a compromised immune system brought about by the sheer amount of artificial substances found in their body.

All in all – illegal butt injections are one of the worst things you can do to your booty and your body as a whole.

We know the lure of having a bigger butt is tempting – but keep in mind that there are natural ways to accomplish this as well as safer surgical methods and skip the butt injections!

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