Which are the Best Butt Enhancement Creams that Work?

There are tons and tons of butt enhancement creams out there and some work, some don’t, and some work depending on who uses it. This is a list of the best butt enhancement creams that work and why and how they work.

1. Butt enhancement creams containing Voluplus™ or Volufiline™

Butt enhancement creams that contain Voluplus™ or Volufiline™ tops our list for best butt enhancement creams that work.


Volufiline™ and Voluplus™ are non-hormonal ingredients made from a combination of a plant extracts. What makes this particular ingredient special is that it actually works to increase the development of fatty tissue.

Voluplus™ or Volufiline™ does not produce a temporary swelling – this ingredient actually works to increase the production of more fatty tissue in the area where it’s applied. The effect is permanent, but expect a maximum growth of about 2 inches. Learn more about how Volufiline™ increases butt growth here.

2. Butt enhancement creams containing oil

best creams for a bigger buttCreams containing various oils – such as fish oil, buruti oil, emu oil, etc. – are a little less effective than the creams containing Voluplus™ or Volufiline™.


Oils are basically pure fat. When applied externally, the fat nutrients found in these oils can increase the size of the butt by absorbing into the fat cells. So, in the short term – oils do cause a swelling that appears to be growth.

The downside of using creams containing only oils as its main booty-enhancing ingredient is that eventually, these fat nutrients will be reabsorbed into the body. In order to maintain that swelling effect, you will have to keep applying and reapplying…don’t expect permanent growth with these creams.

3. Butt enhancement creams containing Pueraria Mirifica or herbs

best creams for a bigger buttFirst of all, we want to say that herbal and Pueraria Mirifica creams are being listed last NOT because they don’t work as well as the two above (they often work better than both), but because unlike the two types of creams listed above, the butt enhancement creams that contain Pueraria Mirifica or phytoestrogenic herbs are HORMONAL. These types of creams impact hormone levels in your body in order to promote butt growth and as such, should be used with more caution than the two above.

You also have to remember that what you apply on your skin get absorbed directly into your bloodstream (and is even more potent than ingested pills because it doesn’t get filtered through the kidneys or liver).

So if you decide to use a cream that contains Pueraria Mirifica, which has incredibly powerful phytoestrogens, or phytoestrogenic herbs – you must make sure that your body can handle the estrogenic increase and also that you’re not taking anything else that interferes with these phytoestrogens.

As many different butt enhancement creams as there are on the market – most of them fall into the 3 categories listed above. Decide what changes you want to have in your body as well as what your body can handle and then choose accordingly.

Also, it’s important to note that even the most potent butt enhancement creams can not cause extreme changes. The maximum growth you can expect from creams and lotions alone is about 2 inches of butt growth. In order to experience significant changes, you must change your body from the inside. Find out how here.

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