The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout: Does It Make Your Butt Bigger? Our Full Review

So you’ve been slaving away at the gym for months now, and your booty is still nowhere near bikini ready. This is a problem that Leandro Carvalho understands, and he made it his mission to help out women with less than bodacious behinds. As the creator of the Brazilian Butt Lift workout, Carvalho has spent years whipping supermodels in shape.

In fact the creation of his signature workout was inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio. Carvalho is a Brazilian-born fitness trainer who gained experience in Equinox gym in New York before branching out and creating a studio of his own. He is now best known as the man behind the famous Brazilian Butt Lift workout, and he continues to inspire women to believe that their dream booties are within reach.

Leandro Carvalho - Brazilian Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho, best known as the man behind the famous Brazilian Butt Lift workout.

To be honest, Carvalho makes lofty promises. His exercise video comes with a money back guarantee if you don’t see yourself with a tighter tush in 60 days. Fanatics of the Brazilian Butt Lift wokout claim that it made them lose upwards of 20 pounds and dozens of inches, aside from finally achieving that perky, lifted butt. It also claims to be the best workout if you’re looking to prep yourself for a bikini. But the question remains, does it really work?

The BBL workout is unique because it utilizes Tri-angle training; while other workouts consider the butt as just one big muscle. Carvalho utilizes all three muscles of the butt through different exercise routines that range from Capoeira, ballet, and even African dance moves. This strategic combination provides an effective workout with faster results. The Tri-angle method makes sure that all three muscles are targeted from different angles so they can grow, lift, and be sculpted to perfection.

Carvalho’s workout focuses on the lower body, and aside from lifting the bum, it also promises slimmer thighs and hips. This is a big plus, because other lower body workouts tend to make the thighs bulky, which doesn’t really bode well in a bikini.

When you purchase the workout, there are 6 different workouts that come with the pack, and you can customize the schedule for the workout based on your goal. The exercises are challenging but fun since you’re not doing the same workout everyday. The fact that it combines hardcore cardio, squats, and typical workouts you do at the gym with funner Brazilian style dancing makes it extra enjoyable. Aside from the step by step workouts, purchasing the BBL at home workout pack also comes with a suggested meal plan to help you amp up your results even more.

In terms of cons, there’s hardly been a bad word said about the BBL workout. The music that the program comes with can be old fashioned and slow at times, but it’s not that big of a problem if you just focus hard enough. It’s also a workout that you have to consciously commit to.

It’s not the kind of routine that you can skip every once in a while because it will significantly diminish results. You are required to adhere to a calendar and report results to your assigned trainer. The meal plan is also challenging to keep up with since there are specific ingredients/supplements needed that are not that easy to purchase. It’s also not the kind of workout that you can do for a month, and forget about forever. It requires you to constantly increase weights and challenge yourself to maintain the results you worked for. This isn’t the kind of regimen that might work for you if you’re looking for fast results with minimal effort.

Leandro Carvalho - Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

The exercises are challenging but fun since you’re not doing the same workout everyday.

If you do commit, the results more than make up for it. Women are marveling at how fast they began to see results. The mythical “smiley crease” beneath the butt cheeks started to come out. And seeing the results can be addicting and pushes women to be even more committed to their workouts. In a nutshell The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout is rooted deeply on the science of movement, so it’s been proven again and again to work given the right amount of persistence and motivation. The best way to see for yourself? Try it out!

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