Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger?

Well-endowed butts are extra-covetable these days, thanks to trendsetters who flaunt what their mama (or cosmetic surgeon) gave them and every woman is scrambling to the closest gym with dreams of achieving a similar figure.

If you’re open with your personal trainer about your desire for a better butt, chances are he’ll recommend doubling up on as many squats as you can since squats have long been proven to be super effective at sculpting a great pair of glutes.

do squats make your butt bigger?

However – not all squats are created equal. In fact, there are some that can even be detrimental to achieving that round, perky butt of your dreams.

And you’ll want to know which squats are booty-helping and which are booty-hurting…since no one wants to waste that valuable squat energy doing moves that don’t enlarge your bum!

Well, when it comes to good-for-the-booty squats, the golden rule is the deeper the better, since your gluteal muscles become more engaged the deeper you go.

There is almost no benefit to doing a squat when you don’t bend the knees and stick out your bum enough. There has always been persistent talk about how squats are bad for the knees, but scientists have long disproven this myth, claiming that as long as you rest most of the tension on your heels (which is the proper way to do a squat) you won’t risk harming your knees. So really recruit your glutes and sink into your squats!

how to do a squat

Speaking of how to do a proper squat…

A basic squat is actually sufficient in toning the butt as long as you do it deep enough where your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. If you want – go a notch higher. Try other deep squats such as the wide-leg squat or the yoga squats.

Now lets discuss the flip side. Which squats are detrimental to your bigger butt dream? It actually varies per person. The easy way to tell is that if a squat is too easy for you (when you’re in proper form), it might be doing more harm than good. The reason being that most squats are low intensity – high repetition exercises, and this is particularly effective when one wants to lose weight.

However in the case of wanting a juicy behind, losing fat might not be such a good thing. So if you find yourself losing plumpness and not developing muscles, it’s a sign that you have to take your workout to the next level. If plain old squats are getting too easy on you, add weight by wearing a weighted belt or using dumbbells while squatting to keep your muscles on their toes.

Remember, you have to be able to feel the burn in your workout before you can reap the benefits, so don’t be afraid to exert 110% into those squats. And when a certain squat starts to feel like a relaxing yoga pose, automatically switch it up with something that would require a bit more exertion from your part. Keep in mind that when it comes to squats (and romances) – intensity matters! Always opt for quality over quantity and squat as hard and as low as you can. Use weights if and when you feel it getting too easy. I promise, the results will be more than worth it.

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alexzandra edison - March 6, 2015

thank you for the heads up janet tht really help

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