Buttock Augmentation: Your 3 Main Options and Their Pros and Cons

Shapely derrieres are now a status symbol for sensuality – no wonder more and more people are exploring their options for butt enhancement. All cosmetic procedures for buttock augmentation involve reshaping and enhancing your gluteal area with either implants or injections – but each differs greatly in terms of the method and risks involved.

You should know that overall – there are only 3 main options to choose from when it comes to buttock augmentation. Read on to find out the pros and cons of each one!

Option 1. Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

This new and innovative medical procedure is a great option for those who are balking at the cost of surgical butt implants. It is a two part process, wherein the doctor liposuctions fat from the fatty areas in your body (commonly the stomach, the thighs and the “muffin tops” from your lower back). The doctor then purifies the fat, and injects your own purified fats to specific parts of your gluteus muscle through a series of microinjections.

brazilian butt lift fat transfer

PROS of the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

The first and most obvious advantage is that the results are very natural-looking. Fat has an interesting property wherein it mimics the characteristics of whichever part of the body you inject it into. So when you inject it to muscle it will plump up your butt area while still looking firm and believable enough for you to tell everyone you got the butt through hard work at the gym.

There is zero risk of your body rejecting the fat and unlike with implants, and other artificial butt injectables, the Brazilian Butt Lift does not tax your immune system, since there is little chance of infection since it’s your own fat being used. There is also no risk of complications arising from allergic reactions or long term risks in terms of toxicity since you are not injecting an unfamiliar substance to your body.

Another huge advantage of the fat transfer procedure is the minimal pain and fast recovery time – the main discomfort comes primarily from the liposuction procedure and the actual injection of fat causes very little pain. This can also be due to the application of local anesthesia to the gluteus area. Local anesthesia is also a safer bet than general anesthesia since it only numbs the nerves of a specific area, and does not affect your entire nervous system. In terms of recovery time, it usually takes two weeks before you can go back to work, which is really short compared to other butt augmentation procedures.

CONS of the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

The biggest downside of the Brazilian Butt Lift fat transfer is that it’s not an option for everyone. To qualify, you must have spare body fat. This is a non-negotiable requirement – a significant amount of body fat will be taken from your body, so having spare fat is a must.

To give you an idea, about 700cc of fat needs to be injected to the buttocks to make a marked difference. However, this doesn’t mean that only 700cc will be taken from other parts of your body. It’s usually about 2,800cc or about 4 times of the needed amount since doctors estimate that only 25% of the extracted fat will be left over after the purification process. Generally, women size 6 and above are better candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Doctors generally recommend that you weight 20lbs more than your ideal weight at the time of the surgery for the best results.

Another downside to the fat transfer butt augmentation is that there is a chance that the results may not be as pronounced. Since this procedure involves your own fat, there is a small chance that the body might reabsorb the fat injected into the butt, and transfers it to different areas of the body. The exact percentage of reabsorption is hard to predict, but a good expectation for what will remain as the permanent effect is about 25-50% of your current butt size. So at most – you’ll get a butt that’s about 50% bigger than it is right now, but more than that is not likely.

You can read more about the Brazilian butt lift here.

Option 2. Butt Implants

The use of semi-solid implants to enhance your derriere is still an often requested surgical procedure. This involves creating a small incision on the butt and placing the implants on top of the muscles to give it a plumper effect. You can read all about the procedure, its costs, as well as a deeper review into its pros and cons here!

PROS of Butt Implants

The first and major pro to butt implants is that they’re permanent. There is no chance of reabsorption by the body, so the effect you see, after the swelling has died down is what you get permanently. There is also no chance of it rupturing, since these implants are not made of liquid – instead, a semi-solid, viscous and jelly-like substance is inserted into each butt cheek and if all goes well, they’ll stay in place permanently.

Another huge advantage, especially if you’re very skinny and find it hard to put on weight, is that pretty much anyone and everyone qualifies for butt implants.  Unlike the Brazilian Butt Lift, which is only applicable for more full-figured women, butt implants can be done on even the skinniest of girls. There are even ways you can customize the implants so it does not look unnatural with a slender frame.

CONS of Butt Implants

The first and major downside is that significant pain and higher risks are involved. Since this is a surgical procedure, there is significant pain during the operation, and after the operation when you have to wait for the swelling to die down. In addition, most patients need general anesthesia during the operation, which adds to the risk of the overall procedure. Unlike local anesthesia which just affects certain parts of your body, general anesthesia essentially involves shutting down your nervous system. This can also increase your risk of cardiac or respiratory complications.

Another disadvantage of butt implants is the long recovery process. Unlike the Brazilian Butt lift which only takes around two weeks of recovery time, undergoing a surgical procedure doubles that recovery time. With butt implants, it takes an average of 4-6 weeks to be able to go back to normal activities.

The last major disadvantage of butt implants is that this is the most expensive option. Surgical procedures require a team of medical professionals, and require a lot more investment than the Brazilian Butt Lift. Prices start at around 8,000 dollars, but it can easily move to the five figure sums depending on the level of expertise of the doctors you choose.

Option 3. Butt Injections

Artificial Butt injections has been the go to solution for those who only want to spend a quick buck to get instant results. However, more and more reports are surfacing of the horrendous complications that cheap butt injections can cause.

butt injections pros and cons

Substances such as Silicone, Hydrogel or PMMA are injected and used as artificial fillers for the butt. The thing you have to know here is that these artificial injections are usually illegal and therefore cannot be done by licensed professionals. You also cannot do this procedure in hospitals, so those who administer this usually result to doing the injections in motel rooms or other unsanitary and uncontrolled environments. To cut to the chase, this is not a recommended procedure because it can be very unsafe since it’s not regulated.

PROS of Butt Injections

The only advantage of butt injections is that they’re comparatively cheap. But even this is not a real advantage since these injections may be cheap money-wise – with the lowest price going for around a hundred bucks a pop – but considering the very serious risks of butt injections, you could pay with your life. Not to mention the serious medical complications that can result, causing thousands of dollars of treatment.

CONS of Butt Injections

Well, where do we begin? For starters, butt injections are very unsafe – that alone sums up why you shouldn’t even consider this procedure. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on, it’s your health. A big butt is great, but you should never compromise safety for vanity.

The fact that the substances you are injecting into your body are unregulated should also be cause for alarm. While silicone and hydrogel are generally non-toxic, there is not enough research to prove that these substances do not release harmful byproducts when they break down in our system. There is also a big risk in having large amounts of artificial substances in your body because it can continually weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to a host of diseases.

Furthermore silicone and hydrogel in liquid form can also travel to different parts of the body through your bloodstream. Women who have had silicone injections before report finding large lumps in their legs or backs caused by the displaced silicone. At the worst, these substances can also make it’s way to your vital organs. In fact there has been a reported case of a past beauty queen who’s death was caused by finding traces of silicone in her lungs. Not to mention the countless cases of other individuals losing limbs and even their life from illegal butt injections.

All in all – there are valid surgical options to increase your derriere, but make sure you carefully consider all the pros and risks of each one before choosing. That’s the only way to make sure you’ll wind up with a booty you desire – minus the complications.

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