How Much are Butt Injections?

The black market for illegal butt injections is growing at a rapid rate due to women who are desperate to get the plumper tush that Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez parade around. However, the fact that most of the injectables being used for butt injections aren’t FDA approved means that these procedures are unregulated and very unsafe.

Women who are looking to enhance their rump now have a ton of options to choose from, but unfortunately, many are getting roped into opting for illegal butt injections, thinking that they’re cheaper than the legitimate options.

What you should know about how much are butt injections is that Silicone and Hydrogel shots are usually priced per cc (cubic centimeter) of product used. To give you an idea, each butt cheek would require around 300-500 cc of silicone or hydrogel to make a noticeable difference. Each cc of product can go for $1 – $3.77, depending on the brand and the claims for longevity. That means it can cost up to $3,770 for your entire butt – a huge sum for something that’s neither safe nor permanent.

A slightly more expensive option is PMMA, which stands for polymethyl-methacrylate. This injectable is made up of a majority of collagen, that works to mimic fat. The idea is that once the injected collagen breaks down, it’ll trigger the body to produce natural collagen to fill in your butt to extend the longevity of the procedure. There are a variety of brands of PMMA available, and it’s slightly more costly than silicone and hydrogel injections. Each cc of product can set you back by as much as $10, which is almost triple the cost of the more common injectables. Again, a huge price to pay for something unsafe and impermanent.

The cheapest of all are usually the “unbranded” injectables that claim to be more effective than the more familiar names on the market. At around $100 per 100cc injection or even less, these are very dangerous since you don’t know what harmful substances they include in the mixture. Reports have claimed finding drain cleaner or even cement included in these injectables. There are also reports when the injectable is labeled as silicone, but it’s actually not the medical-grade silicone, but the cheap silicone sourced from hardware stores.

As you can see – the prices are not even that tempting to being with, especially when you consider that you’re putting your health at a significant risk with these illegal injectables. The reason why the FDA has banned the use of them is that these liquids are prone to contaminating other parts of your body. There have been a significant number of deaths attributed to silicone moving to other parts of the body, such as silicone fatally contaminating the lungs. Numerous other cases have also resulted in loss of limb and severely weakened immune systems.

butt injections risks

Aside from the toxicity of the materials being injected, the shady way of administering these treatments are very dangerous as well. Since it is illegal, these treatments are never done in accredited hospitals – no real doctor will risk his medical license. Instead, the butt injections are usually done in seedy motel rooms by non-licensed professionals, who usually have no medical training whatsoever. This means that they are not equipped to handle possible complications such as swelling, infections or allergic reactions.

So if these butt injections are complete no-go…what’s the safe alternative?

As we always say – the Brazilian Butt Lift is currently the only legal form of butt injectables that’s currently available in the market. This is a procedure that uses your own fat to fatten up your booty – fat is suctioned off from two to three parts of your body (like your tummy and thights), and then purified and re-injected into your system.

brazilian butt lift fat transfer

There is virtually no chance of rejection from your body since your own fat is being used for the procedure. You can also be assured that the treatment is safe because it is done in accredited hospitals, and administered by intensively trained doctors.

The prices are more expensive than illegal injectables, since it costs around $7,000 – $12,000 dollars. However, the fact that you are doing a legitimate procedure with minimal and calculated risks involved could potentially save you thousands in medical bills from the likely complications you will experience with illegal treatments.

At the same time, the steep price tag is also inclusive of liposuction treatment, so it’s a good bundle package if you are also interested in losing fat in other areas of the body. Despite being a legal procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift is cosmetic in nature so it is not covered by medical insurance.

If this poses a financial dilemma for you, you can also explore having the treatment done in other countries that might offer cheaper rates. To ensure your safety, do sufficient research and choose a country with a booming medical tourism industry, Brazil and Thailand are popular options, with Brazilian Butt Lifts costing an average of $3000. You still save, but not at the expense of your safety.

Your can read more about the Brazilian Butt Lift here.

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