Are Buttocks Injections Worth the Risk?

Many women are looking for a shortcut to plump up their rump but are unwilling to shell out the cash needed for surgical butt implants. And if you’ve done some research, you’ve probably read up on buttocks injections. You might even be aware of the risks involved and wondering…well, are these injections worth the risk? On one hand, there’s that tempting allure of gaining a huge butt instantly and on the other, well, there are a lot of risks involved.

If you’re in this position – read on. You’ll definitely want to before you click the “buy now” option on those online deals for silicone and hydrogel butt injections.

The main issue with butt injections is safety. A lot of the injectables that are currently available for cheap are deemed illegal by the US FDA. So if you are asking if artificial injectables such as silicone, PMMA or hydrogel are worth the risk, the short answer is no.

butt injection before and after

While there are those who swear by the immediate effects of these injectables, the short term and long term health consequences are still too dangerous for it to be recommended to anyone. Recent reports are now shedding light on the danger of injecting unregulated substances up your derriere. Loss of limb, a compromised immune system, organ damage or even death are what you could be facing if you choose to pump artificial injectables into your body.

Why are butt injections so dangerous? First, the substances are illegal for good reason. Artificial liquid injectables are very volatile, and once inside your body, it could travel to different parts such as your back or your lungs. This causes both intense discomfort and pain and even malfunction of your organs. In one case, a former beauty queen died because her respiratory system was compromised due to the silicone in her lungs.

Having these artificial substances in your body also puts your immune system on overdrive trying to fight the intruder. You can suffer from frequent bouts of fever and infections due to the silicone or other substances floating around in your body.

Aside from the dangers that the actual substances being injected pose, the fact that the procedure is being done in back alleys or motel rooms by people with no medical background also has high risk. They might not follow the proper sanitary and hygiene required for an invasive procedure. You have no assurance that the needles used are clean, that they are administering the proper dosage, or that they are prepared for possible reactions you might have to the injectables. One patient recounts how during the procedure, she was led into a motel, and a girl assaulted her body with up to 20 shots in rapid succession, without administering any form of anesthesia or regard for her pain tolerance.

Illegal injectables aren’t only harmful when you inject them, once they are in your body, the possibility of them causing harm are life-long. While your body might not be exhibiting symptoms now, there is always the chance of the chemicals wreaking havoc in different parts of your body years down the road.

Are there safe forms of injectables? Yes, as of now, there is only one safe method for butt injections, and that is the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer. This procedure is different from the rest because it does not involve artificial substances at all, and it is legal to perform it in accredited hospitals by highly trained medical doctors. In fact, it’s currently considered the gold standard of butt augmentation procedures.

To do a brazilian butt lift, instead of making use of potentially-dangerous silicone or PMMA, your own body fat is used so there is a dramatically reduced chance of complication or rejection. What happens is that the doctor suctions fat from selected areas in your body, purifies it, and creates a small incision in precise areas in your butt into where your fat will be redistributed, giving you a plumper derriere that is totally, naturally your own.

The fact that your own fat is used means that there is no risk if your body reabsorbs it, not to mention that the effects would also look very natural. So if you’re still on the hunt for butt injections, the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer is the only one you should consider. You can read more about it here.

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