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Butt Injections: What They Are, How Much It Costs, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Butt injections are the new trend for those wanting a quick lift minus the long process of having surgical implants. It’s a trendy alternative for people who’re looking for a bigger butt quickly minus the long term investment and commitment of having surgical implants.

Because of the increase in demand for perkier, rounder butts, there are many kinds of injections to choose from and we’re going to list them all here – along with their pros and cons. If you’re considering the option of getting these instant-butt lifters, make sure you read on for an in-depth look at each one first!

#1. The Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer

This is the only legal form of butt injections and the only butt injection we recommend. This “butt lift” is much more than a lift – it is done by extracting fat from different parts of your body, purifying it, and re-injecting it to your derriere through a series of microinjections.

brazilian butt lift fat transfer

Doctors usually use very thin cannulas, which are flexible tubes that can be inserted into the body. This is the safest way to go about butt injections since there is considerably less risk of injection since you are not injecting your body with a foreign substance.

The only caveats to the Brazilian butt lift is that you have to have enough fat to be able to qualify. Doctors usually get fat from two to three areas in the body, since the purification process would only leave about 25% of the actual extracted fat to be usable for injecting into your butt. At the same time, the effect is not as permanent as surgical butt implants since fat reabsorption can occur.

However, this process is still your best bet if you’re not willing to invest in (or take on the risks of) full-on surgical butt implants

The Brazilian butt lift will set you back by around $3,000 to $6,000 dollars depending on the country you choose to have your procedure and the caliber of the doctor who will be performing the procedure.

#2. Hydrogel Butt Injections

Hydrogel butt injections are made up of a solution of about 97.5% water and polyacrylamide. As of the now, the US FDA bans the sale of these shots since the manufacturing process is still unregulated and there is a potential that the polyacrylamide, might depolymerize and release a known neurotoxin, acrylamide.

There are also no professionals who administer these shots, so to be able to obtain it you either have to get the treatment from shady non-professionals. There are also those that tend to self-administer this treatment, and that also has a whole set of possible complications such as high potential for infections and causing undue damage to the muscles if you do not inject properly.

This treatment is more expensive than silicone butt injections since it costs around $300 to $500 per shot of hydrogel. The effects last a bit longer than silicone at around 12-18 months. Overall, really not worth it.

#3. Silicone Butt Injections

Silicone is the most popular form of butt injections since it’s been around the longest. While solid silicone is legalized for cosmetic use by the US FDA, liquid silicone is strictly prohibited since it tends to migrate to other areas of the body.

Much like hydrogel injections, in order to get this treatment you have to do it illegally and often through so-called “shot girl” who do not receive proper training. The effect, while instantaneous, lasts for only 6-12 months, and would need succeeding silicone treatments to maintain your desired shape.

Silicone butt injections have also been gaining notoriety since they first became popular because those who receive it often experience complications such as excessive swelling, infections and even much more serious effects like loss of limb and life. Years after your silicone treatment, you are also prone to a weaker immune system plus the silicone can also migrate to other parts of the body causing lumpiness and hard areas that are sensitive to the touch and look deformed.

#4. PMMA Butt Injections

PMMA  is an acronym for polymethyl-methacrylate, which is considered relatively safer than silicone, but still not safe and illegal in the US. This is a mixture of PMMA microspheres and 80% purified collagen. It is administered the same way as the other injectables mentioned above.

What sets this filler apart is that it works to mimic fat. The intended effect is that when the collagen in the PMMA solution breaks down, your body is signaled to produce its own collagen to fill in the gaps under the skin.

Like any other illegal injectable, this also comes with sufficient risk. There can be irregularities with the shape and can even cause muscle dystrophy in your derriere. The fact that it is an illegal procedure means that it is performed by non-specialists who never received any medical training.

PMMA, due to it’s being a natural polymer and a synthetic fat, is a bit more costly than both silicone and hydrogel injections. One cc can set you back by 10 dollars and it usually takes around 500cc of PMMA to achieve a significant butt increase.

#5. Unbranded Butt Injections

There are – alarmingly – some unbranded butt injections floating around the market. These unbranded mixes claim to be “specialized mixtures” but are usually more dangerous than any of the injectables I’ve mentioned above.

There have been reports of administering homemade mixes of silicone with various combinations of tire fluid or even cement being given to patients who are desperate for a bigger butt. Dollar prices may be considerably cheaper for this, even going so low as less than a $100 per shot – but remember that the cost to your body and life is significant. Stay away from the risk of poisoning yourself with these unknown substances!

All in all, there are a lot of butt injections out there – many of them sold by shady people who’re preying on girls looking to get a bigger butt.

While the “immediate” effects of some of these risky butt injections might be tempting – always remember that there’s simply no point in having a bigger butt if you’re dead.

Safety always comes first.

If you’re considering butt injections – the only method you should look at is the Brazilian butt lift. It’s safe, it’s effective and it lasts. Check it out.

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