Why Men Like Big Butts

Sure, you want a big booty. But have you ever wondered why men like big butts? After all, big butts are everywhere – plastered all over advertisements, music videos, Instagram and so on. There’s no denying it: derrieres definitely have been in rule over the past several years.

Declared by pop culture as the year of the booty, it’s no coincidence that Kim Kardashian’s controversial magazine cover, Nicki Minaj’s meteoric rise to fame and the rise in butt implants all happened within one year.

By now, you’ve probably seen your boyfriend bopping along to at least one of the hundreds of songs that talk are all about that ass, and you find yourself asking the perfectly reasonable question: Do men really like big butts?

Why Men Like Big Butts

Do men really like big butts? If you ask him point blank, the answer would probably be a resounding yes. But it’s not just a trend thing either. Big bad science now verifies that the booty fascination is founded on deeper things.

If you ask him point blank, the answer would probably be a resounding…yes.

But it’s not just a trend thing either. Big bad science now verifies that the booty fascination is founded on deeper things.

Science has been telling us that men have always preferred women with small waists and big hips.

A small waist means that the girl isn’t pregnant (no need to club another cave man before getting the girl!) while the presence of broad hips means that she’s capable of birthing healthy and happy babies.

After all, evolution tells us that men always have procreation in mind, and it’s definitely in their interest to be with someone with optimum fertility genes.

But wait, that’s not the only motivation.

Here’s where things get interesting. As of late, there have been studies linking women with bigger butts as more likely to give birth to smarter kids. The specific fat that is stored in your posterior is vital to a baby’s brain development, so the more you have the higher your future baby’s cognitive scores could be. Pretty cool, huh?

Aside from wanting to have smarter babies, curves are important to men for other reasons as well. And we’re not just talking about the rounded curves of your booty, there’s another very important curve that catches their eyes as well.

It turns out the curvature of a woman’s spine is seen by men as an indicator of their ability to be good mating partners since a higher lumbar curvature usually means that these women can carry more pregnancies with ease.

In the study, more than 300 men rated females whose curvature was from 26 – 61 degrees as the most attractive of the bunch. A curvature of 45.5 degrees was the most ideal since it presents the added advantage of less back pains and slipped disks for women as well.

So the next time you chide your man for staring at your booty for too long, give him a break, it might be your extra curvy spine that’s turning him on.

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steel - May 15, 2016

So men are constantly asking their gfs to get on birth control, abort the baby when she is preggo or wears confoms cause they wants kids? Wtf!?! Most men arent looking to knock women up. Also for decades white men have praised no shape just big boob women esp when blacks were breaking into Hollywood more and more. Suddenly skinny, no hips or butt was in(hence white women slimming their hips via exercise) Now that interracial relationships are more frequent suddenly every female wants a butt(hence the almost SUDDEN booty trend that actually got started with Diddy and Jlo). But yes less pretend butts arent a trend for non blacks right now and they were always and forever the key feature that men in every culture sought. This is suggesting women arent beautiful btw. If women’s features were only lusted after for procreation reasons women wouldnt mind women attractive and even hetero women have female crushes all the time. No man is thinking about having smart kids when lusting after any feature. Cut the fucking bs

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