Aguaje Pills for a Bigger Butt: Do They Work and What are the Best Ones?

Aguaje pills are being hailed as an “Amazonian Superfood” and a “Curvy Fruit” that can increase female curves. But what exactly is this fruit and how do aguaje pills benefit the booty?

What are Aguaje Pills?

Aguaje pills are simply supplements – pills, powders and even liquids – that are made from a fruit called the Aguaje, which is what the Peruvians call Buriti. Aguaje and buriti are just different names for the same fruit, grown on a tree called the Mauritia Flexuosa, also known as the moriche palm. The pill or powder form of this fruit is usually called Aguaje and the oil that is made from the fruit is called Buriti Oil.

Aguaje is an oval-shaped fruit no larger than the average fig. It grows abundantly in South America and can be found throughout western Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, all long the Amazon River and the Orinoco river basins.

aguaje for bigger butt

For the people of the upper Amazon, aguaje is a natural staple in their diet. The Amazonian natives call aguaje the “tree of life” for its many health benefits.

What’s So Special About Aguaje?

Aguaje is believed by the locals to refresh and nourish the body, as well as balance hormones. Menopausal women eat the fruit to control hot flashes and restore estrogen values. Some sources say the fruit can even restore fertility and the Amazonian locals go so far as to warn against eating too much of the fruit.

According to researchers at IAAP (Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonía Peruana in Iquitos), aguaje contains one of the highest plant sources of vitamin A as carotenoids – as much as 5 times more than carrots do! The fruit is also high in essential fatty oils and vitamin C. Buriti Oil is made from this fruit and the oil is rich in vitamin E and emollient factors that are especially beneficial to the skin. The fruit also contains a decent amount of protein – crucial for any effort to increase your butt size.

aguaje for curves: does it work?

The high vitamin A content is crucial because it helps to form and maintain healthy teeth, tissues and bones, mucuous membranes, and skin.

Do Aguaje Pills Make Your Butt Bigger?

Okay, so this superfruit is great for you, but how about taking aguaje pills for curves? Does it work? Well, the reason why eating aguaje is a natural route to a bigger butt and an hourglass figure is mostly because the fruit is rich in phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogens). The fruit also contains oleic acids, which are beneficial to helping estrogen develop female sexual characteristics.

The protein found in aguaje can help be beneficial – since proteins are crucial to any butt-building diet and the vitamins certainly help your body overall. But the main reason why aguaje helps butt enhancement is because of its phytoestrogenic content, not necessarily anything particularly special about the fruit.

Aguaje’s “superfood” title mostly has to do with the fact that it is rich in electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients which help to enhance overall health and beauty.

What are the Best Aguaje Pills?

You can buy aguaje in either pill or powder form. Check out the list below for the best aguaje supplements for growing a bigger bum!

Quick tip: There’s been a bunch of booty pills and powders entering the market that are pretty much just overpriced aguaje powders. Take, for example, the Love to Be Stacked Curvy Fruit Powder – it’s just 100 grams of pure aguaje powder being sold for nearly $40!

Don’t fall for this – especially since there are products that are just 100% pure Aguaje with nothing else added (like Love to Be Stacked’s Curvy Fruit Powder) that are much better value. Like, Minvita’s Aguaje Superfruit Powder, which is $30 for 250 grams. So if you’re going to get just aguaje – get the Minvita brand, it’s the best value for what is essentially the same product.

But overall, if you’re looking for noticeable, faster booty gains – we recommend you go for a butt enhancement product that combines aguaje with other booty enhancing ingredients to speed up growth rather than use just aguaje powder alone.

Because when combined with more potent friends, the antioxidant-rich aguaje can get a whole lot more done…

Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Pills

best aguaje pills

Booty Magic, $35 for a 2-month supply

These are one of the best aguaje-containing butt enhancement pills you can get your hands on. Because not only do they contain the the “curvy fruit” that’s rich in Vitamins A, C, and E and is said to help shape the female figure by adding fullness to the breasts, hips and buttocks – but it’s also packing a bunch of other booty enhancing ingredients like Fenugreek, Fennel and Red Clover extracts.

All of these herbs have phytoestrogenic effects on the body, which helps enhance both the breasts and butt. On top of that, the Booty Magic aguaje pills also contain Maca extract to further give your booty growth a boost as well as helpful ingredients like Saw Palmetto to reduce the effect of testosterone in the body that can interfere with curves.

Overall, these are great aguaje pills for butt growth – especially if you want the phytoestrogenic effects of herbs combined with butt muscle-perking Maca in one easy-to-take pill. Get it here!

IsoSensuals Curve Butt Enhancement Pills

best aguaje pills

IsoSensuals Curve, $40 for a 2-month supply

If IsoSensuals sounds familiar to you, it’s most likely because you’ve heard of – or even used – their butt enhancement cream. It’s one of the best booty creams out there, containing an ingredient that’s proven to increase fat cells and storage – Voluplus.

And their booty pills don’t disappoint either. The main ingredient in these pills? You guessed it – aguaje. But the effectiveness of these pills come from the fact that the aguaje is combined with a number of very potent phytoestrogens such as Pueraria Mirifica, which is one of the most potent curve-enhancing ingredients out there for the simple fact that it contains the highest phytoestrogenic content of all the phytoestrogenic herbs, most capable of mimicking the feminizing effects of estrogen in the human body.

On top of that, it’s got a few more phytoestrogenic ingredients like False Unicorn Root and soy isoflavones as well as Saw Palmetto extract to act as a testosterone suppressant.

All in all, these are the ideal aguaje pills for butt growth if you’re looking for the beautifying effects of aguaje and the most potent phytoestrogens on the planet – you won’t just notice butt growth but also softer skin and hair, which is a lovely perk 😉 Get it here!

Major Curves Butt Enlargement Drops

best aguaje pills

Major Curves, $30 for a 1-month supply

Okay, this one is a tad different since it’s in liquid form rather pills. That means you’ll be dropping these into a glass of juice or tea (or smoothie) instead of having to swallow them, which makes them perfect for those of us who aren’t too fond of taking pills.

It’s also really good because liquids and tinctures may actually get more easily absorbed by our body, even increasing their effectiveness.

And this is awesome news because these butt enlargement drops are packing some really potent butt enhancement ingredients. It’s ingredients list is really like the best of both worlds. You know how the Booty Magic (above) contains Maca and the IsoSensuals Curve (above) contains Pueraria Mirifica?

Well, these Major Curves Butt Enlargement Drops contains both of those potent ingredients, along with aguaje, the “curvy fruit” along with other helpful phytoestrogenic herbs like Red Clover, Fenugreek and Fennel.

It even goes so far as to pack in some healthy compounds like watercress extract – which is full of protective antioxidants – and citrus bioflavanoids. Overall, this is our favorite when it comes to getting your dose of aguaje for booty growing purposes! Get it here!

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