Botcho Cream for a Bigger Buttocks: What Is It and Does it Work?

There has been a lot of hullabaloo over a new cream from West Africa that can increase the size of the buttocks. This cream is referred to as Bôtchô cream and many people think that Bôtchô is an actual ingredient in the cream, but it is not.

What is Bôtchô Cream?

Bôtchô is actually just a popular term used in the Ivory Coast of West Africa to refer to a woman’s huge badonkadonk. The term, and the cream, became popular due to the popularity of the Bobaraba (big bottom) dance – the latest song by muscial duo DJ Mix and Eloh DJ – which is why Bôtchô cream is also referred to as Bobaraba cream.

The problem with Bôtchô cream is that it’s not always clear what exactly is in the cream. There are many variations of Bôtchô cream out there, but the original was created by a man named Dr. Zoh.

According to this news article, Dr. Zoh is not really a doctor – in fact, he’s never attended university. Still – he’s managed to concoct an all-natural booty cream using ingredient drawn from plants and honey.

botcho cream reviews

Dr. Zoh in his Botcho Shop

“I mix the concoction myself, using my grandparents’ countryside ingredients. Bobaraba and Bôtchô were devised to help our sisters who want full figures. They just apply the cream twice a day to the area they wish to enlarge and it starts working right away!”

It’s uncertain exactly what is in the cream, but it’s clear that his customers are satisfied.

Where Can I Buy Bôtchô Cream?

But…until we know more about the actual ingredients of Bôtchô cream, we’re unwilling to give it a recommendation.

If you’re still wanting to get your hands on some and try it for yourself, you’ll quickly find that there are a bunch of web pages that are selling what appear to be homemade Bôtchô cream. The thing is, though, that the majority of these creams don’t have ingredients listed, don’t come with any real customer reviews and haven’t had to abide by any health and safety regulations.

Which is why we’d advise that instead of going for a homemade “Bôtchô cream” – you instead try a tried-and-tested butt enhancement cream that is known to contain booty-enhancing ingredients and have the customer reviews to back them up.

The best ones to go for? Here’s a list of the best butt enhancement creams as well as where you may be able to find the most legitimate-seeming Bôtchô cream on the market. Just keep in mind that the “Bôtchô” creams are homemade formulations and please do the necessary research before ordering the product.

Okay, without further ado, here’s the best Bôtchô cream to go for!

Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream

best butt enhancement creamGluteboost, $49 for a 1-month supply

Gluteboost’s Butt Enhancement Cream is one of the best creams to grow a bigger booty – whether you call it a “bôtchô” cream or not. And we love the fact that you know exactly what you’re getting in this cream because the active ingredients in this product are proven to work.

Why? The cream has got both Volufiline and Voluplus in it, which is a brilliant combination. Voluplus is made from macelignan and stimulates the production of fat cells and  increases the size of each fat cell. A clinical study on Voluplus showed that after 28 days, volunteers saw an increase of 12% in size.

As for Volufiline, it’s made from a combo of the sarsasapogenin from Zhi Mu and hydrogenated polyisobutene. The sarsasapongenin stimulates fat cells to divide and grow while the hydrogenated polyisobutene increases fat storage.

A clinical trial on Volufiline found that after 28 days, the best responders saw a 6.4% increase in volume and an increase of 8.4% after 56 days. Most of the other Volufiline-containing creams just have either Voluplus or Volufiline and Gluteboost’s is the only one we’ve found that has both so you get the benefits from each one.

Overall, this is a much better investment than a bôtchô cream that you don’t know the actual contents of. Even better, this cream is non-hormonal meaning it doesn’t have any phytoestrogens that can affect your hormones so it’s perfect for those looking for a non-hormonal way to get a plumper butt.

Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream

botcho cream

Booty Magic, $40 for a 2-month supply

This of Booty Magic as the new and improved, much safer and much more reputable bôtchô cream of today. We know exactly what’s in it – and it’s pretty much the same ingredients you’d expect to find in an effective bôtchô cream. As in, it contains the most effective booty growing ingredients around: Maca Root and Pueraria Mirifica.

As you might already know, Maca is one of the best things you can take to encourage your butt to grow bigger and firmer. As for Pueraria Mirifica, this root contains the highest phytoestrogenic activity found in nature.

The thing is – a lot of booty enhancing products contain both these ingredients so what makes Booty Magic special? It’s all about the concentration. Booty Magic lists Maca root extract and Pueraria Mirifica root extract as the second and third ingredients in the cream, which means that this cream contains a large concentration of both of these effective extracts (remember that the ingredients list goes in order from highest concentration to the least!).

No wonder it’s proven to be so effective – just ask the over 200 users who’ve given it an average of 4.5 stars. It also comes with a money-back guarantee so in the rare chance you’re not satisfied, you can always get your money back. That beats every homemade bôtchô cream out there!

BotchoPlus Cream

botcho cream

BotchoPlus is a little better (probably the best of the “botcho” products) simply because we actually know what it’s made of. The seller says BotchoPlus is an enhanced formula of Dr. Zoh’s effective and widely-known original Botcho Cream.

Well, if that’s true – then Dr. Zoh’s Botcho Cream is nothing other than Pueraria Mirifica, which is not surprising since Pueraria Mirifica contains potent plant-based estrogen which rounds out the hips and increases fat storage on the butt.

Specifically, the ingredients listed on their site is Pueraria Mirifica and a proprietary blend of potent herbs and oils from Africa and South America. A few years ago, they also added Volufiline into their product.

This sounds good, except for one big problem – we have no idea where BotchoPlus is getting their Pueraria Mirifica from. As we mention here, it’s really important where the PM comes from and how it is farmed – not to mention how much of it is used.

We would honestly recommend skipping on this Botcho Plus and opting for a high quality, farmed cultivar Pueraria Mirifica product instead (like Booty Magic above). It’s much cheaper than BotchoPlus (which is $60 for a 4oz bottle, compared to Booty Magic, which is $40 for a 6.8oz bottle) and you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that your PM is safe and effective.

Botcho Creams on eBay

botcho cream

Dr. Zoh B12 Botcho Cream, $50

If you want to find a bigger selection of botcho creams – including one that is allegedly the authentic botcho cream by Dr. Zoh – just turn to one of the world’s biggest market places.

Yup, you guessed it – we’re talking about eBay.

Not only does eBay have a pretty good range of botcho creams to choose from – it also offers another important component: the chance for you to leave reviews as well as a big company behind it so you can get your money back just in case.

That’s why we recommend going to eBay for a botcho cream (if you must try one) instead of a random webpage store selling homemade botcho creams. With one of those, you have little to no recourse if something goes wrong whereas with eBay, many of the botcho cream sellers have a return policy and there’s also always eBay to assist you with something goes awry. Check out botcho creams on eBay.

DIY Botcho Cream

botcho cream

Last but not least, there’s always the option to make your very own DIY Botcho Cream.

This way, you can use the same ingredients found in the most popular botcho creams like BotchoPlus but make sure that they’re the highest quality – i.e. combine Purafem’s 100% pueraria mirifica with a deep-penetrating Emu oil as well as the super effective VoluPlus-containing IsoSensuals Curve.

You get total control of the quality of all ingredients…plus, it’s cheaper 🙂

For a full guide on how to make your very own DIY butt enhancement cream, check out this post!

Eugenia - August 7, 2014

I would love to try this product.

Kipo Salome - January 19, 2015

How do I get this product, I will like to try it thanks

    dr zoh - September 27, 2016

    u can contact my company zoh cosmetics

      Kiaza - January 14, 2017

      How do we purchase and which cream is best for butt and hip enlargement???

      Leah - August 26, 2017

      I am placing the orders

    fred osuala - May 10, 2017

    please i needed the bobaroba butt enlargement treatment please send me your telefone.

latoya - February 2, 2015

I really want to order some your botcho butt an can’t seem to find where I can purchase it from

    Janet Kay - February 11, 2015

    Hi Latoya, as mentioned in the article – we’re a bit wary of this “botcho” cream and we certainly don’t sell it. We only provided info for sellers who do/did sell it. Our best suggestion for botcho cream is that since it seems to be mostly made of pueraria mirifica – the wisest thing to do would be to get the raw ingredients and take that rather than opting for a cream that doesn’t even list the ingredients.

      joy mati - June 3, 2016

      please where can we find the ingredients?

    Destiny - August 10, 2015

    You can buy the botch cream from and but they a lot of different websites

    deny - March 21, 2016

    i want samething that can help my legs to be big and sexy and my body too

    Moddeya - May 11, 2016

    Hey Latoya soooo just by searching up Botcho Creams go to the images and then you’ll see like a bunch of women with big butts and thick thighs either holding the products or pictures that show the texts of who to reach which is an 11 digit # with an email and there’s a lot so use whatsapp or email….but tbh /: I pefer doing some serious research these ladies might be satisified but I have no clue if it’s for the long term…. Lol I have a lot to say because am tall and slim and Iv’e always wanted to have more meat on my bones & so Ive been looking for something safe with trustworthy ingredients and BOTCHO cream is not the one I am positive about js eat a lot of collard greens and cornbread and you good to go….

mr Tee - March 9, 2015

Going through the ‘advice’ in this Info, one can deduce your primary intention, and that is to discredit the original inventor.. ‘Dr. Zoh is not really a doctor – in fact, he’s never attended university. Still – he’s managed to concoct an all-natural booty cream using ingredient drawn from plants and honey’ …because someone did not attend an institution does not mean they are dumb, for your information the word doctor is used loosely; literally meaning healer or someone with knowledge to heal, it may have been an attempt to mordernise the product so that it benefits wider people other than Africans. Africans have special knowledge of plants and their usage they have been using herbs for centuries before the Colonial masters came to steal their resources including herbs and plant; and so are the Chinese they have knowledge of herbs and roots to cure most ailments. Also not all medicine you buy from the chemist has all the ingredients listed, this is done to avoid fakes and to protect the product, only well equip bodies can determine their contents;Just because you are not able to decipher the ingredients of the product does not mean you should go all out to discredit it, from the popularity of his product so many version have sprung out with ludicrous claims, also because you put some fancy words and package does not mean people will not find out eventually the con, There are numerous testimonials of the efficacy of his product. please desist from this and give credit where and when is due.

i have no link to Dr. Zoh or his product.

    Janet Kay - March 9, 2015

    Hi Mr Tee, thanks for stopping by! Discrediting Dr Zoh was definitely not our intention – as you can see from what we write about, we’re very open to herbal and natural products. But we did want to mention the discrepancy to our reader as well as to draw attention to the fact that it’s extremely difficult to find what’s included inside these creams. Sure, it’s reasonable to want to keep your formula a secret, but that’s just not very trust-inspiring. Especially since these are products people are putting on their bodies! Nothing personal against Dr Zoh – just thought every reader should know that the products come with a firm caveat emptor.

Breda - May 10, 2015

Dr Zoh i like to know what colour of that botcho cream because i bought that cream one of the healer and he gave me something inside is coffey like it does not work at all, it like he mixed vaselina , salt and coffe. That why i like to know what colour of botcho cream?

Breda - May 10, 2015

Am still waiting for an answer, i asked what colour of botcho cream because i bought one of it but iwas not working, and the colour was brown like coffie, and i like they put vaseline, salt and coffie because it smells like coffie?

    Janet Kay - July 7, 2015

    Hi Breda, like we mentioned in the above article – there is really no way of knowing with most “botcho creams.” Botcho simply means big butt and most manufacturers have their own “proprietary” formula and don’t always disclose all the ingredients in the cream (which is why we don’t really recommend this).

fabby - October 16, 2015

Well I used a jar of botcho cream and unfortunately didn’t see any positive result.. Well here is his number for those of you who are interested +22507154301 Dr.zoh … I’d advice you stick to doing squats and other butts exercises including maca and protein to your diet isn’t a bad idea afterall but

Alilou - November 11, 2015

Salut, je suis en cure produit pour faire grossir le fessier, hanches et poitrines . Résultat rechercher transsexuelle

Alejandra - December 31, 2015

I want to buy it please let me know where can I buy it

Ann-Marie Burke-Heier - January 4, 2016

Ich möchte die curve Cremes von Botcho und Pillen zu kaufen, aber ich lebe in Deutschland Bitte

momo - January 24, 2016

i lyk it en i also want to knw hw much is it?????

olga - March 8, 2016

I would love to try this product and given a chance I do not have a big butt but I would sure love to have one. Where do you purchase this and how do you purchase it

Vuvu - July 9, 2016

Been using this but ther’s dfrnce ,waist of time

Ann - November 13, 2016

Please how can i get the cream, am in Nigeria.

    pretty - January 21, 2017

    i have used it before and it worked for me so i bought and started selling to my friends im in nigeria too u can reach me on whatsapp. 07053676963.

      Dami - July 10, 2017

      Please,I need the original cream , m in Lagos and how much is it?

sakina sura - May 20, 2017

i want to buy in india plzzz tel hw can i buy

Diamond - June 13, 2017

I didnt read the entire message but i just ordered a jar and i have a great feeling it WILL work. Im a black woman and not lacking booty actually i think its fun to explore our bodies potential especially as im getting older ( 49) God has been good. Anyway, i just love shopping and none of those mentioned products work tried them just to plump up my booty a big its big but gravity trying to catch me wont let it 🙂
So as we know African Americans we are known for our booty, Sarah Baartman look her up, but surely there is much more to us than just that
Wether he is a doctor or not as long as the ingredients are safe and i have heard great things about is why ordered my first jar today. I believe if you are honest and true and feel confident your product works, you dont have to tear someone elses down that shows your character and the lack of faith in your oen product. Cant wait to get my Botcho cream:)

Joy - July 4, 2017

How do one get to buy? Im in Botswana

lala - November 13, 2017

hey whre can i buy botcho cream I want it very argenlt plis

Tgal - February 15, 2018

Hi! Where can I get that botcho cream I want to try it.


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