What Your Curves Say About Your Sex Life

Your body betrays you in more ways than you think. You might think that your activities behind closed doors are discreet, but certain body parts say otherwise.

Your curves aren’t just proof of the hours you spend slaving away at a gym, it also acts as subtle cues to what men might expect from you in the bedroom.

Curious? Read on!

What Your Breasts Say About You

Here’s the good news, small breasts may not be so bad at all! On average, smaller boobs are 24% more sensitive than bigger boobs in women. So your lack of boobs also means you get a whole lot more from foreplay, and your sex may be steamier since it takes a lot less to get you all hot and bothered.

Another advantage is smaller breasts tend to attract more financially what your body says about yousecure (studies show that poor and hungry men gravitate towards big breasts while the rich and satiated men, are happy with smaller less attention-grabbing breasts) and less sexist men.

If you’re busty, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to worse sex than your less gifted counterparts. Studies show that large-breasted women have higher IQ by ten points on average, so they are more likely to know exactly what they want and speak up in bed.

More intelligent men also prefer big breasted women as reproductive partners, since they want the same traits for their future offspring.

Those with bigger boobs (coupled with narrow waists) are also shown to have more children on average and are equipped for having a bevy of children by showing to be more nurturing than their smaller-boobed counterparts.

What Your Hips Say About You

Wide hips are commonly referred to as child-bearing hips, but that’s not all that your hips aren’t lying about. A study found out that the size of your hips can actually be directly proportional to the number of one night stands you’ve had.

what wide hips mean The University of Leeds in the United Kingdom conducted a study among 148 women from 18-26 years old and it showed a correlation between wide hipped women and their tendency to engage in casual sex outside a relationship.

Women who have a hip width of 14.2 inches and above have had more sexual partners that those whose hip width is less than 12.2 inches wide.

It’s not as far-fetched as you think! Women with narrow hips can possibly be more picky with partners since they intuitively understand that there is a higher level of complications and risk from a pregnancy.

At the same time wide-hipped women could also be having more sex because they’re more forgetful – apple shaped women did better on cognitive tests than the pear-shaped (read shapelier hips) ladies.

So all those one-night stands can only be because their big hips are preventing them from accurately keeping track!

What Your Butt Says About You

A study was conducted among men in Russia that those with firmer and shapely buttocks tend are more active and tend to last longer in the sack. Among women, a rounded, filled-in butt isn’t just physically desirable, it can also mean that you’re smarter, which means you know exactly what you want in bed.

Lastly, the shape of your butt can also reveal what your favorite sex big-buttposition is. Have a flat butt, maybe you’ve been having too much missionary.

To best sexercise your glutes, insist on positions where you’re either on top or up against a wall (it activates your core too!) or go for more adventurous ones like bridge to really work on those glutes.

As a bonus, check out if you have any birthmarks on your derriere too. Finding a birthmark or two between your butt cheeks is said to mean that you’re very virile and would enjoy numerous years of procreation!

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