Jamaican Peritols for a Bigger Butt?

A Google search on Jamaican Peritols will lead you to dozens of forums that swear up and down that it is the exact magic pill they were looking for in their quest for a bodacious figure. But how much of these miraculous effects are too good to be true?

Let’s take a closer look at Jamaican Peritols, what they are, and whether they’ll help you get a bigger butt. Ready?

What are Jamaican Peritols?

There are a lot of questions surrounding this miracle pill. For starters, Jamaican Peritols are often confused with chicken pills, however the two are not synonymous. It’s easy to mistake one for the other since they both originated from Jamaica and promise the same effect of putting curves in the hips and butt.

To start with, chicken pills had its heyday in the 90s when some Jamaican do jamaican peritols workwomen were desperate to fill in their body to meet their standards of beauty (wherein bigger women are considered more attractive and prosperous).

However these pills were swiftly taken off the market since they were deemed unsafe. Researchers found them to be similar in composition to what farmers feed chickens to fatten them up.

With the Jamaican market clamoring for another pill that mimics the effects of chicken pills, Jamaican Peritols were born.

Peritol is a brand of Cyproheptadine, a known serotonin antagonist. Serotonin antagonists function by blocking serotonin so the body does not recognize when it is no longer hungry.

In this way, Jamaican Peritols cause a marked weight gain, simply by not letting you feel full no matter how much you eat.

In fact, Peritol and other versions of Cyrpoheptadine are also known as pills to treat cases of anorexia.

Do Jamaican Peritols Work for Getting a Bigger Butt?

On websites that sell Jamaican Peritols they claim that the drug works in different ways according to your body type, so while there is an increased likelihood that you will gain inches on your butt hips and thighs (since these are the typical areas where women gain weight) there is no guarantee.

There are cases when women just gain weight all over their body and not in targeted areas, so much like eating junk food for a bigger butt, it creates a problem more than solves one.

There is no ingredient or special capability in the Jamaican Peritol drug that makes it zero in and focus the weight gain on having bigger buttocks and more shapely hips. All it does is aid in weight gain so you will have more body mass that you still have to shape with exercise.

This is one facet of Jamaican Peritols that is rarely mentioned in articles, to be able to get that bootylicious figure you dream of, taking the pill is not enough: All the Jamaican Peritols does is fatten you up.

This pill can be a big help for women with naturally slender frames who have trouble gaining weight, but if you don’t want to gain any more weight, and just want to make your derriere and hips more shapely and noticeable, Jamaican Peritols may not be your best bet.

Even for those who are dependent on Jamaican Peritols to gain weight, they acknowledge that a significant chunk of their time is still spent at the gym toning and sculpting all the additional fat that they’ve put on.

One thing to look out for is how the pills also have a tendency to give you a flabbier belly and upper arms. To avoid looking just overweight, those who take these pills spend a lot more time sculpting their figures with strength training and weightlifting exercises.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that proper nutrition is super important when taking Jamaican Peritols. Since your appetite is stimulated you also have to be careful to fill your diet with nutritious, booty-helping foods. Some people equate the need to gain weight with a free pass to eat all the fatty food they want. However you have to remember that your body also needs the proper nutrients and regulated amounts of cholesterol, sugar and salt among others.

Are Jamaican Peritols Safe to Take?

One huge factor in choosing to take Jamaican Peritols is safety – not a big surprise since this stuff is closely associated with chicken pills.

To be fair, Jamaican Peritols are created solely for human consumption, and the drug is legalized in countries such as Vietnam, Germany, Lithuania and various territories across Eastern Europe. Despite this, it is still best to consult with a doctor before taking these pills. Some medical conditions and maintenance medicines react poorly to Jamaican Peritol.

Those with asthma, high blood pressure, a history of seizures, urinary tract and prostate problems, as well as diagnosed glaucoma should avoid the drug. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is not recommended that you take Jamaican Peritol either. Those who are taking MAO inhibitors or other forms of anti-depressants should also avoid this drug since it has sedative properties. Lastly, one should avoid alcohol while taking Jamaican Peritol.

Taking regular doses of Peritol can also cause one to be drowsy and can slow down reaction time and coordination. Some also reported problems with nausea, dizziness, and constant headaches. More aggravated reactions include diarrhea, low blood pressure and blurred vision.

What’s the Verdict? Are Jamaican Peritols Worth Taking?

So how much of a help are Jamaican Peritols in your quest for a bigger butt?

Honestly, our final verdict is that the only benefit of taking Jamaican Peritols is weight gain and even then you have no assurances that your weight gain will be concentrated on your hips and butt.

Plus, Jamaican Peritols come with other downsides like undesirable side effects and also being really difficult to get your hands on. There are some websites as well as sellers on eBay advertising these pills but we highly recommend staying away from buying these pills from unauthorized, illegitimate dealers since you don’t really know what will be in them!

These are significant downsides that make Jamaican Peritols not worthwhile at all. Especially when you consider that if you’re simply looking for a way to gain weight fast – there are much better, safer alternatives.

Like what?

Well, if you are looking to just bump up your hips and booty exclusively, it’s better not to deal with the weight gain gamble of Jamaican Peritols and focus on taking supplements that boost your body’s natural curve-making hormones like estrogen.

Our recommendation is to go for Pueraria Mirifica or Bovine Ovary to shape your hips and butt and feminize your overall figure rather than risk gaining weight on your entire body.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to gain more weight overall – there are safer and more beneficial options. Like Boost® drinks, for example, which are very nutritionally dense and high in protein – which is great for growing your booty – as well as calories.

Another great option is to add a natural appetite stimulant like FoodBoost Weight Gain Pills. It’ll encourage you to eat more and gain weight without the side effects of Jamaican Peritols.

All in all, there are much, much better options whatever you’re looking for. So stop looking for the Peritols and choose one!

mercy - February 16, 2016

Great article,please where can I get it? I’m looking to gain weight and I’m located in Nigeria and ghana (Africa)

    Cam - March 16, 2016

    I’ve order mine from eBay

Laura - February 24, 2016

I’ve actually tried these pills it worked for me. I used them and noticed my hips and butt started getting fuller although I started getting a little tummy I started doing ab work outs also. I had to stop because I was pregnant but I will start using them again.

    Bebe - June 14, 2016

    Where did you buy the pills?

    Polly - February 15, 2017

    Ive been taking them for about 3 weeks after conception. I didn’t know i was pregnant, will it harm the baby?

    natasha - May 29, 2017

    did you experience any of the side effects? like lack of concentration or drowsiness?

martha Mariko - March 17, 2016

Where can I buy those pills. I’m in Cape Town

dan - August 25, 2016

please, i need some for my wife, kindly help me out as soon as possible

Dan, from Accra, Ghana.
tel 0277 399 210
020 899 5124

Many thanks

Destiny Sterling - December 2, 2016

Why persons with asthma should not take peritol???

linda - February 6, 2017

pls where can I find Jamaican peritols to buy in ghana

Adrienne Campbell Wright - May 22, 2017

Where can I get peritol pills to buy

    Nadine - November 2, 2017

    Its hard finding online. They also have a syrup called apetamin with similar results and cheaper

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