Big Butt Yoga? How to Get a Bigger Rounder Butt with Yoga

Ah, big butt yoga. These make the perfect booty workouts for rest days because let's face it - a lot of bigger butt workouts are pretty darn strenuous.

You have to change into gym clothes, maybe even go to the gym and of course, you really need to concentrate to get the most out of your butt-boosting exercises.

But what if you had a little arsenal of stress-relieving, easy-to-do yoga poses that tighten and grow your butt at the same time?

Once you learn the best big butt yoga poses, you can do these anywhere - while watching TV, while talking on the phone with your friends. Some of 'em are fun to do while lying in bed, getting ready to sleep.

Incorporate the below butt-building yoga poses into your everyday life to lift and strengthen your tush muscles in the most effortless, fun way possible.

Alright, ready to do some big butt yoga? Here's a little guide on how to get a bigger rounder butt with yoga.

Big Butt Yoga Pose #1. Frog Pose

best yoga poses for your butt

The Frog Pose is one of the best hip opening yoga poses - and as such, one of the best to help you get naturally wider hips. 

I personally love how you can do this pose while watching TV or while reading a book and 'though it seems very passive - you'll get a crazy burn in your thighs, hips and buttock muscles. Plus, your butt looks fabulous while striking this pose 😉

Oh, and FYI - the first few times you do this pose, you probably won't be able to sink down as low as the girl in the above picture. But keep it up, and pretty soon, your hips just might be able to touch the ground!​

Big Butt Yoga Pose #2. Camel Pose

best yoga poses for your butt

The Camel Pose is a bit more challenging and you will have to practice carefully to avoid causing undue strain to your back. The beautiful part about this pose is that it helps the curvature of your back (super sexy, btw) as well as helps strengthen your gluteus maximus. 

Big Butt Yoga Pose #3. Locust Pose

best yoga poses for your butt - locust pose

Don't do this right after you've eaten - trust me. 

But do it at like all other times. This one's an awesome one for growing your butt muscles and tightening and toning your whole body. ​ A must do when you yoga for glutes!

Big Butt Yoga Pose #4. Heart Squat

best yoga poses for your butt - heart squat

This little squat doesn't look very challenging, does it?

But if you haven't tried it before - go ahead and give it a go. You'll quickly understand why it made this list of best yoga for glutes.

D'you feel what it does for your butt muscles? To get more of a burn, use your elbows to push your knees out even wider.

This pose is not just good for your bum, but it's also a very restful pose that promotes relaxation as well as better digestion. ​

Big Butt Yoga Pose #5. Goddess Pose

best yoga poses for your butt - goddess pose

I love, love, love this pose. It makes me feel like a beautifully womanly goddess whether done standing up or lying down and I love the way it makes my hips look and feel. 

This one's wonderful for working your glutes as well as opening and widening your hips. I recommend you do this every day - it's easy enough. Just stretch yourself into Goddess pose for a few minutes every night before you fall asleep and for an extra gluteal push - practice flexing one butt cheek and then the other...and so on. ​

Big Butt Yoga Pose #6. Chair Pose

best yoga poses for your butt - chair pose

As the name suggests, for this yoga pose - you're basically sitting in a chair...without the chair. Your body weight is in your heels (you're leaning back) and you are REALLY working your butt muscles to support you in that position. 

This is hands down one of the best yoga poses for a bigger butt. ​So sit back and feel the big butt yoga working its magic. 

Big Butt Yoga Pose #7. Bridge Pose

best yoga poses for your butt - bridge pose

Last but not least, we've got the bridge. And this is one butt-building yoga pose that's definitely not to be missed. Especially since I've gotten emails from girls who've had great results from doing just the Bridge pose. 

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that if you really want to build a noticeable BIGGER, rounder, curvier butt - you'll need more than yoga poses.

The above are great to keep your glutes activated but to actually grow your booty, you'll want to have a great combination of the most effective booty-building exercises. You can get a complete program with 30/30 Bubble Butt, which will take your butt to bigger, higher heights in just 30 days!

Grace - March 14, 2017

If i do this everyday for a month, about how many cm/inches will my butt grow?

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