4 Small Changes You Can Make That Will Help You Get a Bigger Butt

We’re all out there looking for the next best fix: a pill that will instantly grow our butt, the best exercise routine that will instantly plump and round out the buttocks, a cream to craft a bubble bum, etc.

Many of these butt enhancement methods work, but there are also smaller, seemingly insignificant changes we can make in our daily lives that can also go a long way in helping to grow that ass.

So, here goes. Adopt these small changes in your life – they’ll help your butt expand!

Ways to Get a Bigger Butt #1. Be a Picky Eater

Eating is something we do around three times every single day. That’s why the food we eat is going to have more effect on our bodies than nearly anything else we do. The best, fastest, and most long-lasting changes we can make to our bodies and figures comes from changing our eating habits.

4 simple ways to get a bigger butt

If you’re in the habit of eating processed food – this is going to be one of the biggest impediments in getting a big, shapely, beautiful butt. Not to mention, a lovely curvaceous waistline.

Become pickier in your eating habits and refuse to eat anything but butt-friendly foods! There are a lot of them to choose from – check them out here!

Ways to Get a Bigger Butt #2. Walk 3x a Week

Most of us – especially if we live in America – just don’t walk! This is one of the easiest – and the most effective – changes you can make for your health, body, and booty. If you’re going a short distance, leave the car at home and walk. Doing this just three times a week works your butt muscles while toning up your overall body. Not to mention the money you’ll save on gas :)

Extra tip: Why not slim your waistline at the same time by wearing a waist belt while you walk?

Ways to Get a Bigger Butt #3. Take the Stairs

One of our favorite exercises for a bigger butt is simply climbing up stairs. It’s such an easy, effective change to make and after awhile, you hardly think about it at all.

My office is currently located on the fifth floor and I make it a point to walk up to it every single time. The first time was the worst but now it feels as natural as taking an elevator. I love resting my hands lightly on my butt while I climb to feel the muscle being worked. It’s an encouragement to keep climbing stairs!

Ways to Get a Bigger Butt #4. Start Snacking!

You’re eating right, you’re exercising, you’re taking supplements…but can you do anything else to put on more butt weight?

Of course you can. And this one’s positively easy to do.

Just start snacking away! This doesn’t mean Doritos…our favorite butt enhancement snacks are nut butters, cheese, avocado, and nuts.

…And of course, have an arsenal of intense butt workouts that target your gluteal muscles from all angles…

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ambria - October 3, 2014

I wanna how to get my booty fat plus I have fast matabalism

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