Bigger Butt Exercises You Can Do While Sitting Down

Having a daily desk job, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of a more shapely behind. Forget having to spend hours at the gym after the office, multitasking is key for busy gals. There are exercises you can do while staring at those spreadsheets. Here are a list of excercises that booty-blessed girls swear by to maintain their ample derrieres.

1. Two words: Isometric Contractions

Isometric contractions have been a buzz word in the world of sports medicine long before it’s popularity trickled down to exercise enthusiasts. These contractions are also known as static exercise since you exert effort to contract your muscles but there is no movement at the joint, so muscle doesn’t change length. This kind of exercise is a good way to improve your strength.

To focus on your glutes, sit on a chair and make sure both your feet are flat on the floor. Exert full force in squeezing your butt muscles for 5 – 10 seconds, and slowly release and relax for another 10 seconds. Perform 10 reps at a minimum or keep repeating this throughout the day to build your strength. The best part about this subtle (but still effective!) exercise is that you can do it anywhere. From waiting in line, to your daily commute, even while watching TV.

2. Hip Adductions

If your goal is to get a higher, firmer and rounder butt, modified hip adductions can be a god send. In the gym, there are machines that allow you to customize the weight, but there are ways to target the same set of muscles without hitting the gym as often.

Start by sitting in a chair. Ideally with your calves and thighs at a 90 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Place something squeezable but firm between your knees, it could be a small medicine ball, a towel, or even a small stuffed animal, whatever you have lying around in the office. Exert effort in squeezing your knees using your butt muscles and inner thighs as hard as you can for 5-10 seconds, then release all the while keeping the item secured between your knees. Repeat at least 15 times or as often as possible throughout the day. Another slightly more challenging variation of this is to maintain your squeeze for 3 minutes straight, then rest for 3 minutes before doing it again.

3. Do foot and leg raises.

While these exercises don’t directly stimulate the butt muscles, having toned upper thighs means your booty is emphasized and looks higher, rounder and perkier.

Start with toe raises, lift your right foot until your toes barely touch the ground, simulate writing the alphabet with your toes, challenging yourself to get through all 26 letters without putting your foot down. Once your done, put your foot down and raise leg slightly again until it’s just your heel slightly touching the floor this time, repeat the same tracing of the alphabet. Once done, use the left foot, repeating the same motions done.

For leg raises, sit upright on your chair keeping the back straight and feet flat on the ground. Lift and straighten one leg as far as it can go, all while pointing your toes, return to the center then lower leg back to the ground. Alternate doing this exercise for both legs, and do it for one minute straight, to pose a bigger challenge try lifting both legs together.

4. Be a bit more creative

If you’re serious about your commitment to tone your butt, consider asking your boss if you can replace the office-issued ergonomic chair with an exercise ball (investing in one might be the best thing you can do to get a better butt). If your boss agrees, sitting on an exercise ball throughout the day means that you are working on your core and butt muscles all throughout the day.

Bigger Butt Exercises at Work - Medicine Ball

Balance Ball vs. Office Chair

You don’t even have to perform complicated moves while on the ball (who wants to do those tricky workouts while donning a blazer and pencil skirt anyway), you just have to work on sitting properly on the ball. This is harder than you think, since it involves a sufficient amount of balance and strength.

It takes different muscle groups from your core to your glutes and inner thighs to keep yourself upright. Make sure that you do not just depend on your lower back muscles, engage the rest of your body too. To make the workout more effective, maintain proper form by keeping the shoulder away from your ears (no hunching!), back straight, feet hip-width apart and belly button pulled in.

5. Fidgeting is your friend

Bigger Butt Exercises at Work - Fidgeting

Studies show that fidgeting can burn as much as an extra 350 calories daily.

If you always notice yourself tapping your feet or shaking your legs, this might be more of a helpful habit than annoying. Studies show that fidgeting can burn as much as an extra 350 calories daily, and since burning calories is cumulative, losing that excess jiggle around the belly means the toning process becomes faster. So don’t ditch those sweeping hand gestures and gum chewing just yet, unless your boss tell you to, in which case you have to work on being more discreet.

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