Do Butt Lift Jeans Really Work?

2014 was hailed as the year of the booty, and the desire for plump, round buttocks is unlikely to die down anytime soon. If you’re not blessed with the natural twerk-worthy curves, don’t lose hope just yet. There are a number of options that you can consider before dropping serious cash to go under the knife.

Of course you can exercise your way to a shapely bum, but if you’re looking for something a bit more instant the answer to your perky butt wishes might lie in a certain wardrobe investment.

Enter butt-lifting jeans. Also called booty jeans or booster fit jeans, the new take on this everyday staple is marketed as a godsend for those with a flat booty. But the question remains, do they really work? To answer that, we have to delve a bit deeper into the mechanics of creating push-up jeans.

butt lift jeans

If you’re looking for something a bit more instant the answer to your perky butt wishes , start hunting down a pair of butt lifting jeans.

The typical push-up jean makes use of clever stitching and fading to give the illusion of a bigger butt.

First, they make use of a diagonal seam that elongates to form a heart shape around your butt and cuts across your hips to make the butt look extra-curvy. There is also a narrower fit at the seat of the jeans to naturally push your butt up.

In addition, the design positions the pockets extra high to give the additional illusion of more lift. Clever dyeing and fading techniques are also used, the waistband is dyed a darker color to give the image of a smaller waist, and they also increase the fade down the center of the thigh to mimic the look of thigh gap and a more pronounced curve.

First started in Brazil, the popularity of these jeans became so immense that other Latin countries started producing booty lifting jeans as well.

More modern jeans, dubbed specifically as the Brazilian Butt Lift jeans, are now made in stretchy fabric that includes a couple of discreet pouches strategically placed on the inside of the jeans so you can add even more padding for a pronounced lift.

When it comes to effects, they are nowhere near as drastic as having actual silicone implanted on your butt, but they do make for a noticeable difference. Think about it as a push-up bra for your tush. Latin women in particular swear by this kind of jeans for the enviable figure-8 silhouette it helps them achieve. It also helps that they are priced very affordably at around the same level as a regular pair of jeans.

If all you’re looking for is a subtle lift to give your sexy ensemble an additional oomph, I would definitely recommend for your to start hunting down a pair of butt lifting jeans. Here are a few tips to make sure you get a pair that will last you for years:

1.) Make sure they fit. – I’m all for online shopping, but if you do – make sure they have a return and exchange policy so you can always go up or down a size if you must. Fit is particularly confusing for those who are buying their first pair because a majority of these jean brands are Latin American, and are therefore sized specifically for Latin American women, so your staple size at Sears might not work the same way.

2.) Check the details - make sure the seams are sewn well and the addition of extra padding looks discreet enough. The last thing you’d want is a butt that commands attention because it looks horrendously fake.

3.) Check washing instructions – When it comes to denim, especially good-quality pairs, proper washing is key. Certain brands and styles of butt-lifting jeans recommend hand-washing so that the stretch of the material can be maintained.

And don’t forget: if you find your perfect size, consider investing in numerous pairs, I warn you the effects of an instant lift on your derriere is extremely addicting. Shop the best butt lift jeans!

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