What are the Best Glute Machines for Home? Our Top 5 Picks (And Why)

Your gym may have the latest and greatest of the best glute machines but who cares if you don’t have time to get the gym? After all, most of us struggle to train consistently due to the simple lack of free time. It can be tough, and sometimes down-right impossible, to allocate a large chunk of your day to the gym on a regular basis.


That goes double if your gym requires an extra commute from your home or from your office.

If that’s the thing holding you back from getting the booty of your dreams – don’t let a little thing like not getting to the gym stop you! Especially when there are ways you can get the same workout at home.

With the right supply of cleverly-picked equipment, you can build yourself a sort of booty shrine at home. It won’t cost much and it’ll be just as effective – especially since you’ll actually use it! Extra perk? You don’t have to feel bad about heading home instead of going to the gym after work.

So, without further ago – here are the best glute machines for home booty building. Read on for the list of what you need to achieve huge results – without even leaving your house.

Best Glute Machines for Home #1. Glute Master

If there’s just one at home booty machine you could get – we would recommend the Glute Master. It’s a much more affordable version of the Butt Blaster machine and is fully tailored towards helping you make those booty gains that you’re after.

butt blaster machine

It’s specialized to target the buttocks, you’re almost guaranteed to feel this one the next day!

Also, despite it affordability, the GluteMaster is a well-built and comfy-to-use product. It’s got quality roller, comfortable pads and simple adjustment systems, making this unit easy to use at home and suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

The only real downsides are that it will still cost you a good chunk of money – it’ll set you back somewhere in the region of $300-350, so it’s worth thinking this one over before investing. Also, keep in mind that the weights and adapter sleeves for this machine are sold separately.

Best Glute Machines for Home #2. The Stepper

Athletes of all kinds have been using stairs for decades as a way to improve their strength and fitness. You may have heard of the StairMaster, which are the most well-know brand of stair climbers: these pieces of exercise equipment simulate the activity of climbing up a flight of stairs using a stationary machine.

The benefit of these are that they’re highly adjustable and can be used to cater to individuals with any level of experience from beginner to advanced. By controlling the speed and resistance settings, you can adjust the StairMaster to give yourself an intense cardio and strength workout – get ready to feel those DOMs!

butt exercise machine

They’re also proven to have a range of benefits, including cardiovascular health and lower body conditioning. Plus, they’re relatively low-impact and don’t exert significant stress on joints while helping to improve stability. This means that you are still fully capable of using a stair master even with back or knee issues – unlike higher impact machines such as the treadmill.

The bad news is that a small stair master for your home gym would set you back somewhere in the region of $1,500 – $6,000, dependent on which model you’re going for. This is obviously a hefty sum of cash, approximately 6 years’ worth of membership at your average commercial gym.

So unless you’re very serious about getting into overall shape and don’t mind a heavy exercise machine in your home – we suggest going for a smaller, more affordable version – like the Stepper. These act similarly to a Stair Master, using the stepping on stairs method to tone the legs and shape the butt. Plus, they’re much more affordable – at around $60 a stepper.

Best Glute Machines for Home #3. Booty Maxx

An even more reasonably priced choice (at approximately $24), the Booty Maxx is a pretty great glute machine for home booty building. Simple, clean and easy to use, this could actually save you money on your gym membership.

So how does it work?

best glute machines

The Booty Maxx machine is a multi-use system, preventing you from finding yourself desperately searching for space for all your gym equipment in that small corner you’ve got set aside for home workouts.

This piece of workout equipment is perfectly suited for those of us who are constantly on-the-go and don’t want to get too sweaty during booty workouts. The equipment is portable, featuring an expandable handle that folds in on itself, meaning you could even take it away with you on those business weekends – no more crowded hotel gyms!

The Booty Maxx allows you to perform tried-and-tested booty exercises including leg extension, glute kickbacks, hamstring curls, and lateral raises.

What we love about it is that it’s hyper-focused on the glutes and allows you to easily and effectively perform a huge range of glute boosting workouts.

But that doesn’t mean the Booty Maxx is perfect. The main drawback we would ask you to consider before purchasing yourself a Booty Maxx machine should be “Is this basically a glorified glute resistance band?”

A lot of the exercises that can be performed using the Booty Maxx can also be done using mini-loop bands and long resistance bands, which are both considerably cheaper and considerably more portable (we’ve covered this here). In fact, when it comes to a toss up between a Booty Maxx machine or a few of the best glute resistance bands, we just may vote for the latter…

Best Glute Machines for Home #4. Glute Resistance Bands

So when it comes to the best glute machines for home use – it makes sense that there are going to be a lot of machines listed. But the truth of the matter is that when it comes to focused booty workouts, it isn’t necessary to be spending large sums of money on home workout equipment that takes up large areas of your home.

resistance bands for glutes

Especially when there are small, affordable, and portable alternatives like glute resistance bands, which we think are just as, if not more, effective.

How so? Well, resistance bands are elasticated bands designed for adding resistance to body weight movements and improving your strength and muscle tone. They are highly versatile and owning just a few different types can give you the capability to perform a huge range or exercises and get in a full body workout and intense butt session from the comfort of absolutely anywhere!

Resistance bands also have the added benefit of being well-known and easy-to-use pieces of equipment. They’re an absolute must have in your at home glute “machine” arsenal.

Best Glute Machines for Home #5. Conquer Vertical Climber

The Conquer Vertical Climber is a budget friendly, simple-to-use vertical climber exercise machine. This machine acts to deliver aerobic benefits alongside it’s provision of a high intensity, low impact total body workout. Using this machine on a regular basis for short burst of high-intensity work will bring around quick results and improvement in muscle tone (especially in the gluteal region) and reduction of body fat.

best glute machines

Working out on vertical climbers incorporates all the booty benefits that come with all of your stair-climber type workouts. This is a unilateral exercise, meaning that it develops single-leg strength and stability through the hips (much like a lunge, step-up or single-legged squat), which is one of the key functions of the buttocks.

Vertical climbers are almost as good as doing one-legged squats. These machines will rapidly build up muscle in your glutes, helping with the shape, size and tone of your butt.

The machine is solid and durable, and its solid construction allows for safe and stable workouts. This machine is once again fully adjustable, and is able to meet size requirements of most individuals. The Conquer Vertical Climber is compact and can be folded down for easy storage, making it an ideal machine to keep at home, even when you find yourself short of space.

A few downsides of the Conquer Vertical Climber that is essential to note is the fact that that the machine has a SET resistance. The means that the resistance on this machine is not adjustable and in order to increase the difficulty of your workout, you will need to take deeper steps and/or increase your pace. The Conquer Vertical Climber also comes with the most limited warranty of all the machines we have looked at so far, protecting you for just 60 days against defect in materials and workmanship.

Any Other At Home Glute Machines?

The above are the best picks – especially at below the $500 mark, but there are a few other options you can use in your quest for a bigger, stronger butt. Like…

Body Weight Exercises

Gymnastic strength training should be in everyone’s exercise regime in some form. Fitting a few sets of Cossack squats or glute bridges in on a daily basis could be the crucial difference in taking essential steps towards your booty goals. And of course, if you add glute resistance bands to these workouts, they can be as effective as what you’d get from any of the best glute machines.

Kettle Bells

Kettlebells can provide intense full body workouts, and are usually considerable cheaper, and always considerably less space consuming, than the hefty booty workout machines we discussed earlier. There’s also a lot of booty targeted workouts you can do with them!

Parting words: Whatever your budget, there’s plenty of options for getting in an excellent butt-centric resistance workout at home. With careful consideration of all the pros and cons, I hope you now feel a little more in-the-know when it comes to picking and choosing the best glute machines for home use!


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