What is the Best Butt Filler for an Instantly Rounder, More Lifted Booty?

Intrigued by the idea of a butt filler that can instantly plump up, lift up, and round out your booty? Join the club. There’s no denying the inherent appeal of such an immediate procedure. It’s quick. It’s nearly painless. And it gives you that booty you’ve been wanting oh, so badly.


To see it in action is to want it done. Pronto.

But is it as amazing as it looks? And what are your best options out there? You don’t want to just go for anything – after all, these things can be dangerous.

So let’s a more in-depth look at the options for butt fillers currently on the market so you can choose the best one for you. Ready?

Sculptra for Buttocks

When it comes to butt fillers, doctors don’t tend to use the typical fillers we’ve all heard of like Restylane, Radiesse or Juvederm. These fillers come in small volumes, which make them well suited for the face but would not be sufficient for (and would cost a lot to use them) for the butt. 

There is, however, one filler that works just as well for the booty as it does for the face: Sculptra.

Sculptra is unlike other hyaluronic acid fillers, which add volume into the skin. Instead, Sculptra triggers an inflammatory response in your body which in turn boosts the growth of your own collagen. The result is a natural change in the contour and shape of your butt.

Butt Filler

As with any filler, using Sculptra as a butt filler is a completely non-surgical procedure and it’s main advantage is that it can be done with very little downtime and on patients who have very little fat.

Whereas procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift require fat to be harvest from your own body – meaning you need to have a sufficient amount of fat to begin with – Sculptra doesn’t require this so it’s an option for even the skinniest people.

Another huge upside of Sculptra is that it’s currently the only safe and approved butt filler option on the market, at least in the US. Other butt injections like silicone or hydrogel injections are banned by the US FDA, which means no doctor is allowed to perform such injections. That is why it is usually amateurs with no medical training providing back-alley silicone or hydrogel injections, resulting in dangerous and even life-threatening side effects.

Sculptra, on the other hand is FDA-approved and only allowed to be sold and administered by a licensed physician or properly licensed practitioner, making it a much safer procedure.

But it’s not all bubble booties and happiness with Sculptra. There are, of course, downsides as well. The main one? It’s got to be the cost of the procedure.

Sculptra butt filler is a fairly costly procedure, especially when you consider that it is not a permanent procedure, although it does tend to last several years at a time.

To plump out your butt, it can require up to 20 vials and some doctors will go as high as 40 vials in total! If that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, consider that in the US, the cost per vial can range from $675 – $850 depending on how many vials are purchased. 

Simply doing the math on that may be enough to turn you off. In which case, you also have other options…

Brazilian Butt Lift (aka, Fat Transfer)

If you want a safe, effective and non-surgical method of butt augmentation, the Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the top choices. You might have heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift before, and you might have dismissed it as just another trend. But it could actually be the best and most timely thing that has happened to women who are looking for a more voluptuous figure.

To sum up how the Brazilian Butt Lift works, it is basically a liposuction and a butt injection treatment in one. It starts out with the doctor performing liposuction on areas of your body where you store extra fat. This is commonly the stomach, thighs, or the lower back.

After harvesting a good amount of fat, the doctor proceeds to purifying this fat and subsequently he will be injecting it to your buttocks through a series of carefully made incisions.

Butt Filler

The great thing about the Brazilian Butt Lift is that aside from enhancing your butt with added fat, it also removes fat from other areas, so your buttocks are more pronounced while “problem areas” where you have difficulty losing fat are slimmed down.

You might be wondering how this process is safer than most of your other butt augmentation options. For starters, if you compare this to surgical butt implants, it is definitely less invasive, and poses less risk than a full on surgical procedure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift also makes use of local anesthesia. Unlike the general anesthesia used in surgical procedures that shuts down your central nervous system, local anesthesia used in the Brazilian Butt Lift only numbs the nerve endings on the specific area that requires the work.

The BBL is also good for those who have a lower pain tolerance or are in need of a procedure where they can recover quickly. Unlike butt implants which takes as much as 6 weeks of recovery time, with the BBL you can get back to your feet in about two weeks. Not bad, as far as procedures go.

Are There Other Options?

As of now, at least in the US – no, not really. The other options are mainly for butt injections, which are neither safe nor legal.

Whereas the above two butt filler procedures are proven to be effective, legal and can be performed by licensed doctors in full-fledged hospitals, butt injections are administered by unlicensed untrained individuals using haphazard methods that can increase risk for infection, since they might not follow sanitary rules and be able to react accordingly in case there are complications.

Plus, the substances usually used for illegal butt injections are not safe and the mere presence of foreign chemicals in your body can put your immune system at risk, since it will consider the silicone or hydrogel as unnatural to the body.

To add to that, these errant liquids in your body also run the risk of entering your blood stream and getting dislodged in different parts of your body, causing havoc in your internal organs. The two most common areas where so called “silicone clots” occur is in either the lungs or the brain. 20% of all cases of silicone found in the lungs resulted to death, while for the brain it’s almost at 100%.

So if you’re looking for butt fillers, look only for the options above and please avoid illegal butt fillers at all cost. They can cause serious damage.


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