How to Get a Bigger Butt Using Volufiline

Volufiline™ is a non-hormonal ingredient made from a combination of a plant extracts. What makes this particular ingredient special is that it actually works to increase the development of fatty tissue.

It works to remodel the body contours through a lipo-filling action – stimulating adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and volume in order to bring volume where it is needed- in other words, it increases fat in the area where it’s applied. It’s not a temporary swelling, it’s production of more fatty tissue.

volufiline cream for a bigger butt

Volufiline™ is made from a combination of a plant extract known as sarsasapogenin and hydrogenated polyisobutene. Sarsasapogenin interacts with adipose cells and triggers them to divide and grow. When combined with the hydrogenated oil, polyisobutene, sarsasapogenin also increases the amount of fats stored.

volufiline for butt

These two work together as a tag team to create more fat and then store the fat in areas where Volufiline™ is applied. The synergetic ingredients in Volufiline™ work directly on fat cells and trigger them to start reproducing.

Volufiline™ has undergone several clinical studies and has been shown to plump the buttocks, breasts, and even the hands and faces of the participants.


  • Cell volume increased over 22 times
  • Lipid storage increased more than 600%
  • Cell differentiation  increased by more than 200%
  • Enlargement after 56 days reached as much as 8.4%

volufiline for butt

*Studies conducted by Sederma

You can not currently buy actual Volufiline™, but it can be found as an ingredient in certain products. Because the skin directly absorbs what it applied to it, adding a Volufiline™-containing product is a great way to increase your butt growth.

What is great about this substance is its non hormonal effect. This means you don’t have to concern yourself with the potential side effects of either estrogen or progesterone.

Below are the best products using Volufiline™ as their main ingredient:

Gluteboost Cream

best bigger butt creamsGluteboost has a new cream out and it is our current favorite Volufiline cream. Why? Well, it’s got both Volufiline and Voluplus in it, making it a potent cream to increase fat on your butt.

In case you’re wondering what this Voluplus ingredient is all about – well, it’s another plumper that stimulates the production of fat cells and increases the size of each fat cell. You can read more about it below – IsoSenuals has it as its active ingredient.

All the other Volufiline-containing creams just have either Voluplus or Volufiline and Gluteboost’s is the only one we’ve found that has both so you get the benefits from each one – making it our favorite 🙂

You can get 1 bottle for $39.95 and 2 for $69.96 (about $35 per bottle). Use the code SAVE10 to get an extra 10% off when you buy 2 bottles or more!

IsoSensuals CURVE

best butt enhancement creamCURVE is an all natural butt enhancement cream proven to enlarge, firm, and lift your buttocks.

CURVE’s active ingredient Voluplus™, which is similar to Volufiline™ in that it is clinically proven to increase the size and count of fatty cells in the buttocks.

Voluplus™ is an all natural active ingredient derived from nutmeg (Macelignan) solubilized in macadamia oil. Voluplus™ accelerates the creation of new cells able to store lipids while increasing the capacity of those cells to store higher volumes of lipids. More cells with more capacity to store lipids result in enlarged butt size. Voluplus™ has been clinically proven to increase butt size by up to 18%!

INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water, Voluplus™, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Wax, Glyceryl Stearate, Beeswax, Soy Lecithin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol.

Product Description

  • Clinically Proven Results. Up to 18% increase in size!
  • 90% customer success rate. Patent pending formula.
  • All natural ingredients. Hormone and paraben free.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. Discreet shipping & billing.
  • Each bottle is a 2-month supply. For best results use twice daily for 6 months.

You can read the very positive reviews for IsoSensuals CURVE, as well as buy it on Amazon for $49.95.

Breast Success Cream

best nonhormonal breast creamBreast Success Cream was developed for the breasts, but it works just as well for growing a plumper, bigger butt.

Breast Success Cream contains Volufiline™ and Bio-Bustyl. Volufiline™ stimulates the proliferation and storage of new fat cells while Bio-Bustyl stimulate collagen synthesis and replenishes the elastic properties of the skin for firming effects.

Women who already have some fat on their buttocks will see results much quicker, since there are more fat cells to work with. Young, healthy women will also have quicker results since their cells multiply faster.

Ingredients: Emulsifying Wax, Natural Palm Stearic Oil, Soybean Oil, Purified Beeswax, Glycerin USP, Volufiline™, Biobustyl, Purified Water.

Size: 2 oz., or 60 mL

Price: It’s only $14 through 🙂


how to make your butt biggerSLIM EXTREME 3D SERUM is manufactured by Eveline Cosmetics, a European cosmetic brand that is partnered with the European Union and produces incredibly effective products.

It consists of an evolutionary formula based on unique Full-shape™ complex and Volufiline™, makes the serum instantly fill in, shape and lift buttocks. Already after first application creates lifting micro grid, providing fast effect of rounded and firm buttocks. The serum makes buttocks full, perfectly shaped and maximally lifted. Prevents from skin flabbiness and protects against stretch marks formation.

• Volufiline™ – Asian plant Gardenia Asiatica natural extract, used for ages in natural medicine. Stimulates lipids development in fatty cells (adipocytes), regulates the process of their storage. Makes the buttocks fuller and rounder.
• Full-shape™ – complex based on Kigelia Africana improving elasticity of connective tissue fibers. Shapes the buttocks line and gives immediate push-up effect.
• Hyaluronic acid – acts like “molecular sponge”, maximally moisturizing the skin. Its chain structure, interlacing spaces with collagen fibers, reinforces the buttocks and ensures their youthful resilience.
• Caffeine – stimulates microcirculation, accelerates cellular meta-bolism in the skin, at the same time increasing its firmness and elasticity.
• Laminaria Algae – contain several vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and amino acids, reinforce the structure of skin skeleton, improve metabolism in the skin, detoxicate and purify.

You can get it on Amazon for less than $15!

Emma - July 19, 2014

First, I would like to thank you for all these helpful advices and I actually would like to know if we could use the IsoSensuals Curve cream while taking the gluteboost pills/or Maca powder?

Thank you 😉

    Janet Kay - September 5, 2014

    From what I know, the IsoSensuals cream is Volufiline-based, which means it’s totally non-hormonal and won’t interfere with Maca or any of the ingredients in Gluteboost. Good luck!

Zayle Ruiz - September 7, 2014

Out of all three products recommended,which would you say works the best and most effective in a shorter amount of time?

    Janet Kay - September 14, 2014

    Hate to play favorites, butIsosensuals is our hands down favorite 🙂

      Krystal - September 20, 2014

      Why is Isosensuals your favorite? How long does it take before one should expect to see results?

Jaye - February 28, 2015

I am taking the Raw Ovarian Pills, and I am also using the Breast Success Cream along with Collagen Cream, Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and the Slim 3D Enhancement Cream. I use all these 3xday and I have noticed a big difference in my size. Is there any type of side effect from using all these products?

NTSELE CELIWE - April 6, 2015

I’m at Kwazulu Natal and I want to know where can I buy butt enlargement creams and injection as well

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