DIY Butt Enhancement Cream

Want to learn to make your own very potent and very affordable DIY butt enhancement cream? Who can blame you. We all think it’d be great to never pay for a butt enhancement cream again.


After all, the best butt enhancement creams can be quite price-y. The best creams will cost you at least $40 – and that’s for a pretty small bottle. Considering you’ll be needing to cover a fairly large surface for at least several weeks, it’s fair to say you’ll need more than one bottle.

That’s why we took to making our very own butt enhancement cream and in this guide, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it yourself. We’ll go straight to the source of what really works: the ingredients.

You see, we’ve tried pretty much every booty cream on the market and these experiences proved very helpful because through every trial and error, we learned which ingredients are required to make the most potent butt enhancement cream possible.

So we started experimenting…

We played around with extracts, oils, creams, butters, emulsifiers – you name it, we’ve tried it. And after awhile, we realized that some methods are more effective then others.

Well, now we’ve finally perfected the process. And broke it down to the most simple, yet most effective, list of steps.

The best part? This recipe results in a booty cream that’s totally natural and skin-nourishing. That means this recipe is not just good for your butt – it’s damn good for your body, too. No parabens. No toxic additives. All totally natural, nourishing ingredients that fight stretch marks and firm and tone your skin while growing your booty.

If you’re ready to get started, we’ve prepared a full step-by-step guide to take you through every single step of the entire process. There’s even pictures to help it go easier and tips to maximize results.

Just do us a favor and share to unlock the guide – it’s totally free!