Glute Resistance Bands 101: How to Build a Bubble Butt with Glute Bands

No gym? No problem. Glute resistance bands may not look like much but they can result in some serious booty gains. As small as they may be, these handy bands will make your glute burn, which means you can build your dream booty at home without the inconvenience of gyms. All you need is the know-how  to be getting booty gains anywhere – wherever your life may take you.


And that’s not all that’s great about these glute resistance bands? For starters, they are a great alternative to weight training that can be kept at home, as well as being super versatile and easy to take anywhere. All you need is the know-how and the time. Let’s get started!

What are Glute Resistance Bands?

A resistance band is an elastic band designed to be used for strength and physique training. They are also commonly used for physical therapy, sport performance and injury recovery as they challenge stability and can make for novel exercises.

And although you can use them to train pretty much any body part, there are a few types of resistance bands that are particularly great for the booty. Let’s go over each of the best resistance bands for glutes and what they’re great for!

5 Best Types of Glute Bands

There are different types of resistance band specialied for different functions. The key differences between the booty resistance bands on the market are width, thickness, material, and what butt workouts you can best use them for.

We’re going to take you through the 5 best varieties that cover some of the key methods for developing a stronger, healthier butt.

The Booty Belt

resistance bands for glutes

The booty belt is, in our opinion, one of the best glute bands available for booty sculpting., The ‘Booty Belt’ resistance band aims at rapidly developing a perky, lifted and firm butt – allegedly, with as little work as 5 minutes per day, for 30 days. Durable and with and incredibly comfortable design, with no pinching or pulling, this booty resistance band is fantastic for isolating your glutes.

The Booty Band Package does include a comprehensive exercise guide, as well as instructional videos that can be found at the ‘BootyCo’ YouTube channel. As you can see, it’s particularly well-suited for donkey kickbacks, a real glute blaster. Find it here!

Mini-Loop Bands

glute resistance bands

Mini-loop bands are one of the staple pieces of equipment that everyone should have in their gym bag – and an absolute must have in your arsenal of glute resistance bands. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that these are the first ones you should get since there are so many intensely good booty workouts you can do with these.

Loop bands take up little space and are incredibly easy to travel with, they are also outstandingly simple to use, regardless of your fitness level. Many different exercises can be performed using this versatile bit of kit, including some of the most beneficial for booty-building: glute bridges, lateral banded walks, and fire hydrants.

Mini-loop bands can normally be purchased in a variety of strengths to challenge you in different areas of your workout routine and keep things interesting as your strength increases. The ‘Sweet Sweat’ mini-loop bands (which can be found here) provide you with 4 bands of varying resistance, all of which are made of 100% eco-friendly latex. They’re the perfect glute bands – get thee some. Find it here!

Fabric Mini-Loop Bands

resistance bands for glutes

As you can see, these fabric booty resistance bands look a lot like the mini-loop bands. And yes, they’re much identical in design but differ in one crucial factor: these are made out of an elasticated fabric.

Fabric mini-loop bands can be far more comfortable to use than their elastic counterparts and have different levels of resistance based on their stretch. One huge advantage of the cloth booty band is the fact that they don’t roll up during exercises, such as fire hydrants or banded squats, and are more comfortable.

Most people also find that fabric mini-loop bands provide them with greater resistance at the end of the movement, improving the recruitment of the glutes for better booty gains! Find it here!

Long Resistance Bands

booty resistance bands

Very similar to the mini-loop band to look at but these bands also have a slightly different function. As might be expected, these bands are long versions of the loop bands that we’ve already discussed, allowing for different exercises and ways of loading your muscles.

Incorporating long resistance bands into your routine, with movements such as banded hip hinges and good mornings, is an excellent investment of your time: more results with less time. Once again, these bands are available to purchase in a variety of different strengths, but you should be careful as the step up between bands can be quite challenging.

These glute resistance bands are particularly good to keep around because they can be used for a wide variety of exercises, and mobility drills as well as strength training. Find it here!

Resistance Bands with Ankle Strap

glute resistance bands

These are basically the same as a regular booty resistance band, but have the added benefit of being able to attach to the ankles so you can mimic hip extension glute workouts without needing weights. They’re also great for key glute exercises like Cossack squats, where regular resistance bands are likely to fold, roll, or come loose during the movement. Find it here!

Glute Resistance Band Workouts

Now that you’ve gained some knowledge on the types of glute resistance bands that available to help you on your way to increased glute muscle mass, you’ll need to know what exercises are best to use them for. Here’s a roundup of our favorites!


The staple movement of a glute kick back is extension at the hip, moving the leg backwards while contracting the glute muscles. This movement can be done either kneeling or standing. In a kneeling glute kick back, the back should be kept straight and the a 90-degree angle bend should be maintained in the moving leg throughout the movement.

If completing this exercise while standing, you might find it easier to place your hands on a wall in front of you, in order to assist with your balance.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? You can use the mini-loop bands or resistance band with ankle straps – they are the best choice for this exercise. They provide the correct length for a good stretch, while providing the correct fastening to perform kickbacks with less chance of “pinging” injuries!

Crab Walks

Crab walks are an excellent way to strengthen the glutes in a functional, weight baring position. Using your choice of booty resistance band, keeping the knees externally rotated will work the gluteus maximus, whilst the abduction against tension in the movement will work the gluteus medius.

This is one of the best exercises for the glutes, either as a strength training exercise with heavy resistance or a warm-up to activate the glutes and stabilize the hips. This can be performed with almost any of the products discussed here. The use of each band differ, which means some models may be better than others depending on your goal (for example, the loop bands will be best for squats because they force control of the knees).

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Go for the mini-loop bands, either latex or fabric.

Banded Lunges

Lunges are a common sight in any gym for developing the legs and glutes. They can be performed in a number of ways, all of which improve stability and balance, as well as strength and size in the legs and buttocks. Plus, you can perform lunges anywhere and apply resistance through the use of the booty band, long resistance bands (especially if you attach them to a post or squat rack) or bands with ankle attachments.

You can do them anywhere and effects can be seen (and felt) in no time! Adding resistance to your lunges will help speed up the process of forming a shapely, toned backside.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? As you can see, the long loop bands are best for this.

Cossack Squats

To perform a cossack squat, descend with most of your weight on one leg, whist the other is kept out straight to the side. Keep your squatting foot flat, while the other leg is straight. Focus on control and keeping the hips engaged through the movement.

The booty band or ankle-strapped bands are a great choice for this exercise as they will stay in place throughout the movement. Be sure to start narrow, as the added resistance makes this exercise more challenging.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Again, the vote is for the long loop bands.


This has got to be one of the best glute workouts you could ever do with a booty band. Side-lying clams are carried out with a resistance band around both legs, positioned just about the knee joint. This exercise is all about keeping the legs bent at the same angle, and focusing on squeezing the glutes to open the legs.

Squeeze your feet together throughout,while using the loop band to keep tension on your buttocks.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Mini-loop bands are best – either latex or fabric.


The staple of booty growth, and probably one of the most well-known movements amongst all gym goers. Loop bands – both elastic and fabric based – can be used for air squats, front squats, or back squats with great effects.

Using the glutes in the squat is key to maximum performance, injury prevention, and developing shape through your lower body. Place a band around both thighs above the knee and focus on staying tight with your weight in the rear 1/3 of your foot. To target your side booty, push your knees out as you squat.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Mini-loop bands are definitely the best but we strongly recommend getting the fabric ones for these as they provide the best resistance.

Lateral Hip Extension

With the resistance band of choice placed around both legs, just above the knee joint, stand with your body weight on one leg, using a wall for support and balance. Simply extend your hips, lifting your leg as high as possible and pushing into the band.

This is another great way to develop healthy, balanced hips and prevent your chances of injury in the long-term. This is also great for developing your posture, core control, and healthy aging.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Either mini-loop bands or glute resistance bands with the ankle strap.

Good Mornings

A good morning is very similar to the movement carried out in the deadlift, and provides a focus on your posterior chain, especially the hamstrings and glutes. By using the long resistance band, you can add resistance that peaks at the top of the movement and forces you to keep your butt tight throughout the whole movement.

This exercise is a great way to train your lower back and buttocks without weights, meaning that it can be a lifesaver if you’re traveling or don’t have a gym membership. They will contribute to a strong, healthy squat or deadlift.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? The long loop bands.

Hip Thrusts

Another popular and effective exercise for maximizing booty growth, hip thrusts are often done using weight for resistance (e.g. barbells, plates, dumbbells), but this movement can be just as effective using only a resistance band.

You can attach the band to a weight or fixed object or use a loop band around your knees and control them through the movement to increase your glute strength.

What are the best glute resistance bands for this? Again, the long loop bands are best.

Bonus: Add Resistance to Barbell Work

Adding a resistance band into your barbell routine can help to improve both strength and form during your lifts. The band will provide increased glute activation and focus, while also making you more aware of the muscles of your booty and helping to improve the mind-muscle connection.

Closing Remarks: So, if you’re looking to diversify your glute workouts, or simply need to keep in shape while on the road, grab your resistance bands and start making leaps and bounds towards that strong, shapely, healthy butt – anywhere!


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