PureLeef Cream for a Bigger Butt: Does it Work?

There’s been a constant buzz surrounding PureLeef Cream ever since Kylie Jenner touted it as the miracle beauty product that’s responsible for her bodacious curves.

She gushed that the cream painlessly enhanced her butt and hip through natural ingredients, and touted visible results in just a couple of months.

So what is this PureLeef cream and does it work the booty miracles it promises? Let’s find out…

What is PureLeef Cream and How Does it Work?

As far as butt enhancement creams go, Pureleef is pretty new to the market, with the company website only being registered in late 2014. As we always say – the best way to determine if a bigger butt product works or not is to look at the ingredients and what they do rather than simply falling for the hype. pureleef cream reviews

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, PureLeef cream boasts 2 methods for boosting one’s booty and how it works all comes down to its 2 active ingredients: Macelignan and Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (Root) Extract. 

To start, Macelignan is an extract derived from nutmeg seeds. It directly affects fat cells since it changes the behavior of the body’s PPAR-Y2 receptors. PPAR-Y2 receptors are responsible for giving the instruction to increase fat storage and even create new fat cells in certain areas.

So Macelignan works to plump out your booty by prompting your body’s PPAR-Y2 receptors to produce and store more fat in targeted areas.

However, take this bit of research with a grain of salt. The effects of Macelignan on PPAR receptors have mostly been tested in laboratories with animals, and may not have the same straightforward effect in humans.

At the same time, all the tests that show a significant increase in fat involves the Macelignan being ingested, and not just applied topically (which is a lower dosage).

Remember that fat cells are located three layers below your epidermis (the only part of the skin that comes in contact with the cream), so the active ingredients may not even penetrate your skin deep enough for it to work.

There are also no studies made available by Pureleef about the absorption or efficacy rates of its creams either.

does pureleef cream work?The other ingredient worth noting in PureLeef cream is Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (Root) Extract, also known as Zhi Mu.

It helps with butt enlargement through the presence of Sarsaspogenin (which is also the main ingredient of another famous butt enhancement treatment called Volufiline).

When Sarsaspogenins come in contact with adipose tissue, they trigger a reaction which causes fat cells to divide and grow faster than normal, which results in targeted growth.

Aside from the cellular effects, extracts of Zhi Mu have been found to exhibit estrogen-like abilities, which can cause the body to react by increasing fat stores in the hips and butt.

Similar to Macelignan, while the effects of Zhi Mu looks promising on paper, there’s still a likelihood that it might not translate as well when just applied topically.

Although the makers of Pureleef advise users to apply religiously twice a day, this amount of product might still not be enough to exhibit a visible effect on the body.

At the same time, Pureleef’s claim of adding another layer of fat to your derriere may not be the exact thing you bargained for, there is a chance that all that will be added to your butt is an extra layer of flab that won’t bring you any closer to the rounded plump butt that you’re dreaming of.

Lastly, the most common active ingredient in Pureleef cream is Hyaluronic acid. This is familiar to most since Hyaluronic acid is sought after ingredient in skincare. This acid’s claim to fame is based on its ability to retain moisture.

To give you an idea, a gram of hyaluronic acid can retain as much as 6 liters of water! Now how does this translate into a better booty? It works in two ways. First, the hyaluronic acid is responsible for a plumper appearance, since it ups the skin’s moisture. It also strengthens skin’s natural barrier so that dreaded butt sag can be prevented.

Does PureLeef Cream Work? Our Final Verdict

So is Kylie Jenner on the right track with her glowing endorsement of Pureleef cream? She might be on to something, since the science to back up most of Pureleef Cream’s claims checks out. The active ingredients are helpful for influencing your genes to produce fat cells at a faster than normal rate while also increasing fat storage.

Overall, our honest opinion is that while PureLeef cream might be worth a try, there are better options for fat-building creams that are more effective.  Mainly, Gluteboost and IsoSensuals Curve comes to mind as the most potent plumping creams currently available on the market.

Both Gluteboost and IsoSensuals contain Voluplus (Gluteboost actually contains the more potent combination of both Voluplus and Volufiline) and both brands have been around for years, with thousands of satisfied customers.

So if you’re looking for the most effective butt plumping cream around, we’d advise leaving PureLeef for another day (unless you really want to satisfy your curiosity), and try IsoSensuals or Gluteboost instead. We love both so it’s hard to choose just one but you can start by reading our review of Gluteboost or checking out the reviews for IsoSensuals to help you make a decision!

Rebecca Reilly - April 21, 2016

I read your email about using maca root powder to help gain in my butt.

I bought some.
Does it really work ?

And also, is there an inexpensive way to buy maca root , and make my own powder ? Because the bottle I bought was $ 20.

Thank you
Rebecca Reilly

    Janet Kay - August 7, 2016

    Hi Rebecca, a lot of people have seen results with maca but as with everything in life – not everything works the same for everyone. A big benefit of using maca is that it helps build muscle so make sure to do booty workouts along with taking maca to speed up progress. Oh, and unless you live near the Peruvian Andes, maca supplements are the only way to get them (lol, I remember asking the same thing when I first learned of maca :)).

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