How to Make Your Butt Bigger Fast: Recruit Your Glutes

If you’re looking to get a bikini-worthy butt in time for summer, you better get started right now since the best way to build the booty is still through good old fashioned exercise.

However, be warned. Even if you incorporate all the bigger butt exercises you can into your workout routine, you won’t get your desired results until you make three words your workout mantra.

What words? Recruit. Your. Glutes.

You might be used to doing all the squats and lunges in the world, but there are specific ways to do these exercises to ensure maximum burn in your gluteal muscles. Before we delve into the best kinds of exercises to target your tush, here’s a short overview about why it’s so important to work on those butt muscles.

How to Make Your Butt Bigger Fast, It’s Not Just About Showing Off!

Having strong butt muscles doesn’t just equal a tight and toned butt that you can show off (although that’s a great motivation in itself!), superior gluteal muscles also help your lower body joints such as your knees and hips, relieve pesky back pain and improve your posture.

The great triumvirate of butt muscles, the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus minimus, are essential to the health of your spine, sacrum and knees.

So if you want to do any workout effectively, you better make sure you have a specific butt day (or 5) in your weekly workout. After all, buns are the new guns!

Now back to your quest for a bodacious booty. Make sure that you use all the right muscle groups when you do your butt exercises to maximize your development towards the rounded, tight butt that you dream of.

Remember the weights and squats you labor over at the gym might amount to nothing if you don’t utilize proper form and sufficiently clench those butt muscles. Now how exactly do you recruit your glutes?

How to Make Your Butt Bigger Fast

Recruiting your glutes begins with the process of activation. This usually involves basic exercises such as the hip hinge or the glute bridge.

It all begins with the process of activation. This is the process of the neurons around the muscle firing continuously to activate the muscle.

When it comes to glutes, the first step of activation is focusing on form. This usually involves basic exercises such as the hip hinge or the glute bridge.

The exercises are simple because we don’t want the gluteal muscles fatigued. At the beginning of learning any exercise, fatigue is the enemy of form. Continue doing these basic activating exercises for up to a month, focusing on form rather than repetitions.

A month or more is ideal since glute activation can be likened to a new habit you are acquiring, you are teaching your body a “new” way to go about exercise, and it needs time to get used to this.

The benefits of constantly practicing your hip hinges and glute bridge, is that they are often the foundation of more rigorous glute-specific workouts.

Once you have mastered proper form, you can now move on to the second part of the “recruit your glutes” process, which is gluteal strengthening. Once you have the basic movements down pat, you can use the knowledge learned from these exercises and apply the same principles to the more strenuous workout.

Gluteal activation focuses on clenching your butt muscles, holding positions and maintaining proper form. To create a gluteal strengthening routine, go heavy on the squats and leg lifts and pay close attention to the form and the muscles an individual is exerting.

The problem with most common workouts is that each move targets a wide range of muscles, which doesn’t leave enough time for working on that booty. Focus on simple routines designed to keep the focus on your bum and make sure you feel the muscle burn in your glutes each time you work them!

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