Top Celebrities with Big Butts: A Roundup of the Best Butts in Hollywood (and How You Can Get Them)

We live in an age where post-workout butt selfies flood our social media feeds daily, and the biggest culprits are the well endowed celebrities who can’t help showing off their tushies.

If you’re suffering from a case of perky butt envy, you’re definitely not alone. Millions of girls would spend a fortune to get the tight, toned tush worthy of being a Victoria Secret model.

But the good news is, you don’t have to spend a dime.

The top celebrities with big butts worked hard to get those enviable derrieres and they’re very vocal about their workout routines. So with a bit of patience and a whole lot of determination you can use their hard-earned booty-building tips to get the butt of your dreams.

1. Jennifer Lopez

Celebrities with Big Butts - Jennifer Lopz

Jennifer Lopez has been the subject of butt envy long before the likes of Kim Kardashian hit puberty.

Jennifer Lopez has been the subject of butt envy long before the likes of Kim Kardashian hit puberty. Jenny from the block’s music videos feature her notorious romp prominently, and it’s worth the attention too. Firm with just the right amount of jiggle to assure the audience that it’s realistic, it’s the perfect butt that many millenials grew up aspiring to.

Now 45, J.Lo’s famous butt is still as tight as ever, and she attributes it to one thing: constant dancing. Even when she’s not in the middle of a world tour, she still works out with her dance trainers, with a favorite being Tracy Anderson. Aside from butt sculpting dance moves, Lopez keeps her booty from sagging by doing a lot of basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and killer kickbacks with resistance bands.

When it comes to diet, Jennifer is a health food buff. She did a 22 day Vegan challenge, and decided to keep going at it. Aside from junk food, she stays away from unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking to keep her bod in tiptop shape.

2. Candice Swanepoel

Celebrities with Big Butts - Candice Swanepoel

One of the most famous Angels’ claim to fame isn’t just her aquiline features, but also her toned and perky backside.

One of the most famous Angels’ claim to fame isn’t just her aquiline features, but also her toned and perky backside. Swanepoel claims that she amps up her workout to keep her body as balanced as possible (tripping on the runway would just be mortifying). She does a variety of excercises such as yoga, kickboxing and even jumping rope to keep her svelte 5 ft 9 in frame.

For working out her butt specifically, Justin Gelband (official trainer to the Victoria’s Secret angels) shares that Candice uses ankle weights to build her resistance and strength when doing exercises for her body’s lower half. An exercise ball is also great to develop core strength, tone the glutes, and improve balance.

When it comes to diet, Candice swears that eating healthy comes naturally to her. Although she is a fan of pizza and pasta, she’s just as happy munching on a veggie omelette.

3. Kim Kardashian

Celebrities with Big Butts - Kim Kardashian

Arguably the most famous backside on the internet, Kim Kardashian is proud of her “Break the Internet” worthy booty.

Arguably the most famous backside on the internet, Kim Kardashian is proud of her “Break the Internet” worthy booty. Aside from the attention she gets from her reality show, superstar husband, and uber cute daughter, Kim K.’s butt has more than a few fans of it’s own as well. While she has genes to thank for her curvy figure, she does her fair share of hard work to maintain that enviable body.

To keep her butt in fighting form, she turns to celebrity fitness guru Gunnar Peterson for help. Peterson praises her for her intense discipline and flawless work ethic when it comes to maintaining her figure.

She constantly eats a clean diet, and is very fastidious with her workout schedule. The most notable part of Kim’s workout is her “wide squats” technique. She does squats by having a wider stance, with her toes pointing outward (instead of parallel to each other) to focus the workout on her butt and not just her hamstrings.

Due to Kim’s busy schedule, she does a lot of short but high-intensity workouts that includes a lot of compound movements to maximize impact on her joints without taking up too much time. Peterson includes a lot of side lunges and dumbell squats to amp up her booty workout since they work on one’s legs, hips and glutes all at the same time. Get Kim Kardashian’s butt workout routine! To keep things interesting, Kim would also workout with stability balls to fight off the monotony of daily workouts.

4. Megan Fox

Celebrities with Big Butts - Megan Fox

And the only thing hotter than Megan Fox’s career right now is her…butt.

She splashed into the scene and is singularly responsible for many box office hits, thanks to her to-die-for body. Her booty isn’t anything to scoff at either. She’s reportedly an exercise nut, and always game to try out hollywood’s hottest trainers and workouts. One of her trainers is Craig Balantyne who designed Booty Lift, a program that targets the booty specifically. He employs a lot of lateral lunges since it’s low-key, needs no equipment, but is so effective in toning that tush.

To do a Lateral Lunge like Megan Fox: Stand with feet slightly apart, and take a 12-inch step with your left foot while lowering your body in a squatting position. Make sure your back is straight, and right foot as well. Go back to starting position and repeat lunge at least 20 times on each side of the body.

5. Beyonce

Celebrities with Big Butts - Beyonce

Queen Bey’s supremely covetable booty is definitely worthy of attention.

Beyonce’s supremely covetable booty is definitely worthy of attention. Her new leaner, lither form doesn’t mean that her tush is less prominent either. Beyonce keeps her killer bod through constant rigorous dance practices, running, and squeezing in as many gym sessions as she can despite her busy schedule. A self-proclaimed fan of squats, Beyonce also does a mix of strength training exercises to target various muscle groups.

Queen Bey also thanks Nicole Winhoffer, a celebrity trainer she shares with Madonna for keeping her body as showstopping as ever. Winhoffer’s secret to toning the body without developing bulky and unflattering muscles is by employing 360 degree motions on the muscles instead of just linear movements. She recommends a lot of pulsing exercises such as bridge pumps and modified situps to keep your backside lithe and toned.

6. Jessica Biel

Celebrities with Big Butts - Jessica Biel

Jessica B. is an A-Lister. (If you haven’t guessed, the A stands for “Amazing Ass.”)

Despite her tomboyish appeal during the early part of her career, Mrs. Timberlake now has a body to die for. She’s very vocal about her love for celebrity trainer Steve Zim for her toned body and glorious glutes.

According to Zim, one of the most effective booty toning exercises is using the leg weight machine. Start off by lying face down on the machine and placing feet right under the part that will be lifting the weights. Bend your knees as you will be targeting your butt and your back when lifting the weight, hold on to the sides of the machines to maintain balance. Be sure to use control when lifting the weight, and slowly go back to starting position. Do at least 15 reps to pave your way to a better booty.

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