Will Maca Make Your Booty Bigger?

Ever since Maca hit the US market, people cannot stop talking about its many benefits – especially the benefit it has on female curves.


But first things first…

What is Maca?

Maca is a plant of the radish family that is native to the high Andes of Peru. Maca root has been hailed as a superfood for many reasons – first of all, it’s full of nutrition including high amount of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and many essential amino acids.

It’s also rich in B-vitamins (energy vitamins), including B1, B2, as well as vitamins C and E and contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and iron, as well as trace minerals such as zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese, and silica.

The plant also contains nearly 20 amino acids and is a rich source of plant sterols, inclusing sitosterol, campestrol, ergosterol, brassicasterol and ergostadienol.

does maca make your buttocks bigger?

Is this little root the ultimate buttocks plumper?

Dried Maca is approximately 60% carbohydrates (both starches and sugars), 9% fiber, and a little more than 10% protein. Maca actually contains five times more protein than a potato and four times more fiber.

Maca also has high fat content for a root plant – most of the primary fatty acids of maca are linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid. Maca is also rich in calcium and magnesium.

That’s all good and dandy…but how does it grow my bum?

Does Maca Make Your Buttocks Bigger?

First of all, Maca contains tons of vitamins, nutrients, protein, and good fats that are good for your body and also your butt. Your body needs good food (and the nutrients it provides) to help you develop a curvier figure. The protein, nutrients and vitamins found in Maca are really helpful for building muscle while keeping fat off the stomach.

But what really differentiates Maca from just any old good food are four alkaloids found in Maca root. In experiments done by Dr. Gloria Chacon of Peru on animal control groups – the animals who ate either Maca root powder or alkaloids showed multiple egg follicle maturation in female and in males, significantly higher sperm production.

These effects were measurable within 72 hours of dosing the animals. The significance of this study is NOT the increased fertility, but what the increased fertility shows – it demonstrates that Maca root has an effect on the pituitary gland – the part of your body that is responsible for hormone production and regulation (an extremely important part of growing a bigger butt – and breasts).

The fact that Maca root had gender-appropriate responses in male and female rats also shows that Maca’s effects are not just limited to the ovaries and testes, but also acts on the adrenals to produce the necessary hormones.

What’s even more impressive about this research is that Dr. Chacon was able to establish that it is the alkaloids in the Maca root – not plant hormones – that produced these effects.

Yes, that means Maca root does not contain plant hormones – instead, Maca simply promotes optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to improve the function of all endocrine glands.

Maca’s action on the body stimulates the pituitary gland into producing the precursor hormones which ultimately end up raising estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels – as well as helps to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas.

This means Maca root has a hormonal effect on you (remember it’s estrogen that helps you store fat in your buttocks) without actually supplying your body with hormones. Instead, it helps your body to simply produce its own hormones.

What is the Best Maca Supplement for Curves?

We love Maca for butt enlargement, as well as the energy boost that it provides (almost immediately).

Below are our favorite Maca products for curves!

Major Curves Butt Enlargement Drops

best aguaje pillsMajor Curves, $38 for a 1-month supply

Maca is certainly beneficial for curves but you can always make it even more effective by choosing a product that combines Maca with other potent booty boosters.

For this, the Major Curves Butt Enlargement Drops are a favorite. Why? First off, these liquid drops contain a great combination of Maca root, Pueraria Mirifica (the most potent phytoestrogen), as well as Aguaje and Red Clover extract (more phytoestogens).

On top of that, it’s even packing helpful ingredients like Saw Palmetto to reduce testosterone production that may get in the way of your curves. Add to all that the fact that liquid extract are better absorbed by the body and you begin to understand why this is one of the most effective Maca products for getting a bigger booty.

The only downside to these drops is that they’re one of the pricier options. Each bottle is around $38 and will only last a month, which makes this a bit more expensive than the rest of your Maca options. That being said, it is worth it. Get it here!

IsoSensuals Curve Butt Enhancement Pills

best aguaje pills

IsoSensuals Curve, $40 for a 2-month supply

IsoSensuals has a great butt enhancement cream and their pills don’t disappoint either – these capsules are filled with a potent blend of Maca root and several phytoestrogens like Aguaje, soy isoflavones, False Unicorn and Fenugreek – all of which are known for their estrogenic qualities.

On top of that, these pills also contain hormone balancers like Dong Quai and Vitex.

The combination of ingredients is great to encourage the body to store more fat on the hips and butt (and breasts) as well as provide a boost in vitality and even fertility.

IsoSensuals’ pills are also one of the most affordably priced combination Maca pills you can get your hands on – at $40 for a 2-month supply, it’s the perfect starter option if you want to see how Maca (and friends) will work for your booty without investing too much. Get it here!

Terrasoul Gelatinized Maca Powder

does maca make your buttocks bigger

Terrasoul Maca Powder, $13 for 16oz

If you’re going to take Maca root for curves, one option is to buy pure 100% Maca root powder. This is not only the cheapest option to get your fill of Maca root, it also ensures that you get to control the quality (and potency) of the Maca you take. Plus, you can do a lot of things with Maca in powder form, from adding it to your coffees to sprinkling it on top of your muesli.

Versatility aside – taking pure Maca root powder also gives you the option to choose gelatinized Maca over regular Maca, which is great because the gelatinized powder is a concentrated form of the Maca root’s beneficial elements.

In the gelatinized version, the fiber of the root is extracted and the starch removed, making this superfood more digestible and its beneficial elements intensified.

The best gelatinized maca? It’s got to be Terrasoul Superfoods’ Gelatinized Maca Powder – it’s a great tasting, 100% organic, non-GMO, raw maca root powder that’s comparable high quality and really competitively priced.

Even better, Terrasoul’s Maca Powder is a concentrated blend of Peruvian yellow, red, and black maca roots (so you get a diverse array of benefits) with the carbohydrates removed to make intensify maca’s beneficial elements and make it easier to digest. It’s also gluten-free and vegan, in case you were wondering. Get it here!


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