Will Junk Food Make My Butt Bigger?

Yes, junk food will make your butt bigger. The problem is that it will make everything else bigger as well. And anyone who’s ever gained a large amount of weight and then struggled to lose it will tell you that it’s not worth it.

If you are naturally very thin and looking to put on weight FAST, then stuffing yourself with junk food might seem like a good option to grow your butt quickly. While this is true – you can gain a large amount of weight quickly on a junk food diet (ever watched Super Size Me?), this is not the kind of weight you want to gain.

how to get a bigger butt

yea..no thanks.

The main problem with junk food is the unnaturally high level of calories it contains. This sort of food is full of sugar and processed ingredients which provide your body with very little nutritional value and a whole lot of calories.

When you get into the habit of consuming so many calories, your body will respond by saving these surplus calories as fat on your body.

These extra calories are then stored as fat in your adipose tissues.

Where this fat chooses to store itself depends largely on your genetics – however, there are a few typical places where most people store fat. These places include your belly and thighs – not exactly areas you want to see get bigger.

Plus, one study found that people who ate pretty much anything they wanted – ice cream, candy bars and high-calories drinks – tended to put on more upper body fat (i.e. belly flab) than lower body fat (i.e. bigger booty).

So even if you are one of the lucky few who are genetically predisposed to have more fat storage on your buttocks area, your weight gain from junk food might not result in a larger butt.

For all your efforts, you may just end up with a flabbier body overall – and this is the last thing you want.

Also, the effects of junk food go far beyond weight gain. Even if you’re struggling to gain the weight necessary to get a bigger butt, it’s far wiser to increase the amount of healthy, butt-growing foods rather than to opt for a junk food diet.

These foods include proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs. And they do a lot more for your body – and your booty – than junk food ever can.

Both proteins and healthy fats not only support muscle gains, which is crucial for building a bigger, perkier booty – but also help slim down overall, resulting in a much better figure than you can get from junk foods.

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