Major Curves Review: Does It Work? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

So you've been searching around online for Major Curves reviews and wondering if this line of butt enhancement pills, creams and liquid extract is going to work for you. Well, you've come to the right place.


By the time you're finished reading this review, you'll know exactly whether to pull the trigger or not.

How Does Major Curves Work?

In the world of bigger butt pills, Major Curves is a relatively new player. Yet, they've managed to shoot up in popularity for one simple reason: their products contain a great mix of potent booty enlarging ingredients.

Their claim to fame? They use some of the most potent phytoestrogenic ingredients.

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In case you don't already know, phytoestrogens are simply plant-based estrogens. And this is super important for booty growth because it is hormones that are hugely responsible for your curves. The main female hormone, estrogen, for example, boosts the development of breasts, the widening of hips, and encourages fat storage in the buttocks.

That's why when it comes to butt enhancing pills, the ones that contain phytoestrogens will yield better, bigger results than the pills that do not.

Of course, there is a downside to phytoestrogens as well. And that is that not everyone can take them...

Who is Major Curves For?

Major Curves is intended for women looking to get a bigger butt and better curves. But what about men? Plenty of men also want a bigger, stronger butt - is Major Curves appropriate for men as well?

We're going to say...it depends. If you're a man trying to get a bigger butt - and only a bigger butt - it's best to choose a non-hormonal booty enhancing product like Maca and protein. Why? Because taking potent phytoestrogens like the ingredients found in Major Curves can result in more than you bargained for, such as feminizing your overall figure.

These phytoestrogenic herbs like Pueraria Mirifica and Fenugreek have been known to boost breast growth as well as hip and butt enlargement so if you are a man, you'll want to tread carefully.

Does Major Curves Work?

As you know by now, Major Curves uses a blend of the most potent booty enhancing ingredients available. But the thing is - they don't use the same mix in all of their products.

Here's what we mean...

Major Curves's pills contain just a blend of natural herbs that have either estrogenic or hormone-balancing properties. While these pills do provide a good boost of phytoestrogens, they're not the most potent on their own. Sure, some women may be able to see results with just these herbs but many may not.

Which is why we recommend you go for the entire Major Curves package of the pills, liquid drops and the cream. This set works in a complementary way with each other since each of the products contributes something unique to the mix.

For example, our favorite product out of the Major Curves set is the Butt Enhancement Drops, which are liquid extracts that you can mix with your tea, smoothies, juice, etc. These are the most potent product, thanks to the fact that they're liquid so they are more easily absorbed by your body, as well as the line-up of ingredients they contain like Maca extract and Pueraria Mirifica.

As you already know, Maca is one of the most effective booty enhancers, helping to both balance your hormones and help you build your glute muscles. As for Pueraria Mirifica, this unique plant has the highest levels of phytoestrogens currently known in nature.

Even better - the phytoestrogens found in Pueraria Mirifica are structually closest to estradiol, which is the strongest estrogen hormone, and able to mimic the effects of estradiol in the human body!

This is why we absolutely recommend that if you're going to try Major Curves - you get the liquid drops as well. If you can't afford both the pills and the drops - choose the drops.

As for the cream, it also contains a unique ingredient you won't find in either the pills or the drops and that is something called LipidMaxx, which works like Volufiline to stimulate the production and storage of more fat cells in the booty.

And at $35 a bottle, it's pretty much the most affordable option for getting a booty fat plumper as well as an extra boost of Pueraria Mirifica and Maca.

Will Major Curves Work for Me?

This is the million dollar question, isn't it. We wish we could tell you with any amount of certainty but there is simply no way of knowing since every body has different genetics, metabolism as well as varying baseline hormone levels.

For some it works wonders, for others they see just a little growth and still others end up disappointed.

major curves reviews
major curves reviews

It's just the way the cookie crumbles and there's no way of knowing what it will be for you until you try it. And not only try it - but stick to it for at least 2 to 3 months. Keep in mind that it takes your body time to register the different hormonal changes!

The good news is that the majority of people who have tried have seen results and you can even check out a bunch of before and after photos for the cream, the pills, and the liquid drops.

Even better news is that there's no risk in trying out the Major Curves set since all of their products come with a money-back guarantee in case it doesn't work. So you have nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing if it'll work for you and your booty. 


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