How to Make Your Hips Bigger: 3 Surefire Methods

Wondering how to make your hips bigger? Join the club. Since the beginning of time, curvaceous hips have always evoked extreme femininity, enhancing a narrow waist and creating that Coke-like silhouette we’re all after.


And it’s as true today as it was at any other point in history. When you think about all the bodies of women who are thought of as sexy or curvaceous, regardless of the era, they pretty much all have one thing in common: voluptuous figures. Specifically, full, round-bodied women possessing hourglass figures, and of course those shapely, rounded hips. 

So it’s no surprise you want a set of curvy hips for yourself as well. So how do you go about making your hips bigger? Here’s the full guide!

How to Make Your Hips Bigger: Can It Be Done?

Growing a bigger, rounder butt is one thing but can you actually make your hips bigger? After all, the buttocks is made up of muscle and everyone knows that muscles can get bigger. But the hips? Hips are made of bone so how can you possibly make your hips bigger?

Well, the short answer is that you can’t make the hip bones bigger or wider.

The widening of the hip bones is something that a body does naturally, gradually increasing estrogen levels during a woman’s prime childbearing years in order to prepare the hips to deliver a baby. But for the most part, there’s just no forcing those hips bones to widen or grow any bigger.

So when it comes to making your hips bigger, it all comes down to 3 options. They’re basically:

  • Boost muscle. But not the main booty muscle – i.e. the gluteus maximus – that everyone is working on. Nope, to get the hips bigger, we want to target the side booty muscle, i.e. the gluteus medius
  • Increase fat storage. The main female hormone estrogen is responsible for women storing more fat on their hips and buttocks so one effective way to get bigger hips is through increasing estrogen intake.
  • Fake it ’til you make it. Always a popular strategy – if you’re looking to get bigger hips fast, these tips can get you to your goals in, say, a few minutes.

Alright, now that you know your options. Let’s go over them shall we?

How to Make Your Hips Bigger with Workouts

The key to developing an effective exercise routine for the hips is adding in a good amount of fairly intense weight training to achieve the needed growth and bulk.

Now don’t be intimidated and think that an effective routine would mean mountains of cardio and daily sessions with dumbbells, it’s actually less time consuming than you think.

But you should keep in mind that when we say “intense” – we’re not talking light, high repetition movements. No, no. When it comes to building hips, light weight, high repetition exercises are actually counterproductive. You want to go heavy and do the exercises to failure in order to encourage your muscles to grow.

Which muscles? Your butt and hips share a lot of the same muscles, so the main muscles we will be focusing on are the gluteus minimus, medius and maximus plus their neighbors. Here’s a look at the muscles that give your backside shape from all angles!

  • Gluteals: The gluteals or glutes as we more commonly call them all connect to the posterior surface of the pelvis as well as sideways to insert into the femur. Great glutes mean you have a nice butt. But whereas the gluteus maximus is primarily responsible for that round, perky booty – it’s the gluteus medius that really shines when it comes to the side booty. And to target these muscles, it’s less about hip extensions (as it is with the g. maximus) and all about abductions. 
  • Quadriceps: The quadricep muscles (all four of them) are strong extensors of the knee joint. They are responsible for simple but vitally important tasks like running, walking, squatting, and jumping.
  • Iliopsoas: The is the main hip flexor muscle that consists of 3 parts. The iliopsoas muscle is the most powerful hip flexor, crucial for walking. It also rotates the thigh sideways.
  • Hamstrings: These are three muscles that comprise the rear of the thigh. They all connect to the lowest portion of the pelvis, often referred to as the sitting bone. They are responsible for hip extensions.

So now that you know which muscles are going to be targeted, how do you go about doing it? Well, you’ll want to perform exercises that specifically target the hips – and they’re going to be a bit different from your average booty workouts.

When it comes to hip workouts, there are many exercises, some fancier than others, that should be part of a hip-shaping regimen. Here are some of the basic, but best all-around hip builders to grow your hips!

Squats with a Resistance Band

Squats are a great foundation exercise that can develop your butt but when it comes to your hips, you’ll definitely want to add in a crucial piece of equipment: a resistance band. The band adds extra resistance so each time you have to push out with your knees, you’re working your side booty muscles, helping your hips grow larger. 

The internet is full of advice on how to do this most basic of lower body exercises, with many how-to videos that you can follow for specifics of the movement. But you specifically want to look for videos that will guide you in how to abduct while doing your squats. Like this one:

To increase the intensity, also use weights. Select a weight you feel comfortable with, be it a barbell or dumbbells. If you are totally new to the movement, simply do just body weight squats to groove yourself into the movement. Typically, 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions are recommended per session.

Curtsy Lunges

Lunges are also a great hip and hamstring development exercise that can alter and improve the shape of the hips – but again, they’re best done with a twist in order to target the hips. One perfect example is the curtsy lunge, which is an amazing (and fun) ways to grow your side booty and make your hips look bigger. 

Here’s how to do it:

Option: Add a pair of dumbbells in each hand for this movement using a comfortable weight at first. Usually one should do 8 to 12 repetitions per leg of this exercise, doing 3 sets. Variations like side-lunges emphasize the side more.

Yoga for Bigger Hips

Yoga is abundant with poses that target the hips. They all build muscle and enhance flexibility, which in the process make hips not only feel better, but look great.

Among the popular poses are the Pigeon, the Frog, the Cow Face and the Lizard which all work your hip and butt muscles and boost hip health and mobility.

How to Make Your Hips Bigger with Estrogen Pills

We naturally associate estrogen with female curves because it is, in fact, the main sex hormone in women and the hormone most responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as the breasts and hips.

But whereas both estrogen and progesterone play a role in developing bigger, fuller breasts, when it comes to bigger, fuller hips – estrogen is the main player. It’s known as the hormone that encourages fat storage in the hip and buttocks region, giving women more of a pear-shaped body rather than a man’s apple-shaped figure.

So how can you increase your body’s estrogen levels so that your body naturally stores more fat on your hips?

butt enhancement pills

The best, all-natural way is through estrogen pills, such as Pueraria Mirifica. These natural booty pills are full of phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogens) that help boost our levels of the effective, feminizing hormone, estrogen, to naturally round out the hips.

Another option is to combine the estrogen pills with a fat-plumping cream like Volufiline to further promote more fat in the areas you want them, i.e. your hips.

How to Make Your Hips Bigger by Faking It ‘Til You Make It

You’re working to get those perfect hip-to-weight proportions but hey, muscle-building workouts and fat-storing diets can take awhile to work. So what do you do while you wait? Well, you’re after wider, curvier, rounder hips, right?

Here are ways to get them ASAP with a few clever visual tricks that’ll get you that curvaceous silhouette faster than you can say, hips, please.

Padded Panties and Butt Lifters

When you want a perked up booty and a rounder hips, one of the best ways to get that in a few minutes is with the help of padded panties and/or butt lifting panties. These miracle workers can broaden your hips to get a fuller, more feminine look and give instant shape to your hips.

best padded panties

And they make it all look like it’s your own butt and hips. Check out some of the best butt lifting underwear here and the best padded panties here.

Tailor Your Wardrobe

Often times how we look is all a matter of proportion and emphasis. Remember the time of corsets? Well looks like they had the right idea even then. Your waist (a seemingly small one) should be the goal when dressing. Utilize sashes or belts to compress your waist. A waist trainer can also help to give the appearance of an hourglass figure.

And of course, butt lifting jeans are specifically designed to to flatter your hips and butt region!

More Tips on Making Your Hips Bigger

Want more ways that can help make your hips bigger? Here’s a few more parting tips!

Correct Your Posture

How you stand can also do wonders for an enhanced hip look.  Always stand with a straight back, shoulders relaxed and your back and your weight resting on just one leg, then thrust your hips outward. This will make a sexy profile. You can also do this while sitting by simply crossing your legs, or you can place your weight on just one hip.

Prioritize Sitting Over Standing

Studies have shown that the weight put on the buttocks and hips from sitting a lot can lead to notable fat accumulation in those areas. So sitting on your butt is not so bad after all? Perhaps not, especially if you want bigger, wider hips.

Eat Healthy

Regardless of the fitness or health objective, who can escape the advice of observing a sound diet? Excess fat especially in the mid-section will no doubt make your hips appear smaller, not to mention generally less attractive.

Losing weight and observing a low fat, low sugar diet will lessen belly fat, and make your hips appear bigger. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits should comprise the majority of what you eat.

Also opt for brown rice and whole wheat breads over their white counterparts, which are laden with starch, not a good thing. Lean forms of meats, fish and poultry should also be a priority, along with low fat dairy products.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Natural Birth

Ever wonder why some women look curvier and more attractive as mothers?  While this is by no means a reason to get pregnant, there is some truth to this. A woman’s hips become wider when she goes thru the phenomenon of bearing and giving birth to a child. The bigger hips become part of a woman’s natural physique, enhancing her curves.


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