Do Butt Enlargement Pills and Creams Actually Work?

There are a lot of butt enlargement pills and creams on the market – we know, we’ve tried basically all of them – and the conclusion that we’ve come to is that certain butt enlargement products work and certain ones don’t.


how to get a bigger butt

Duh, you say. Well, let us get more specific.

What we’ve realized throughout the years is that when looking at bigger butt products, there are a few rules to determine whether they work or not. Here they are:

1. Ingredients are the MOST important

Advertisements are a tricky thing – many of them show a girl with an awesome butt and a picture of the butt enhancement product that worked for her. It’s glitzy, it appeals to our innermost desire (bigger butt – yes!) and makes us run out to buy the cream/pill/lotions/etc…all without checking the ingredients.

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The sad truth is that many of the butt enhancement products out there consist of placebos or are made with effective ingredients, but simply don’t contain enough of those ingredients to really make a difference.

Before listening to what any of the claims made by a product – look up their ingredients. Do they contain herbs that are proven effective for butt growth? Do they use the most potent ingredients for butt enhancement?

The honest truth is that the brand of the product matters less than the actual ingredients it uses. And ignore all that stuff about a “magic formula from Africa” or a “booty elixir from some exotic country.”

In the land of bigger butt products, there’s really nothing new under the sun.

What’s worked for years (even centuries, in the case of phytoestrogenic herbs) is still working now. So remember that the most powerful booty-growing pills actually contain potent ingredients – such as Bovine Ovary or Pueraria Mirifica or Maca.

2. The company behind the product MATTERS

Companies that make butt enhancement products are clever – the difference is that some of them are clever with what they put in their products (i.e. their products are well-formulated and actually work) and some are just clever with advertisements.

Yes, the ingredients in a product are important – but so is the company that makes them. When trying to decide whether a product will work or not, it’s good to take a look at the company.

How long have they been around? What is their customer response like? Do they provide a lot of information and testimonials to inspire faith in their product? Or do they have a website that looks like it was set up a week ago by a 15 year old?

It’s tempting to believe that maybe, just maybe, that a crappy-looking website with a half-hearted description of their product is the MAGIC BUTT FORMULA you’ve been waiting for but the founder of it has just been too busy concentrating on perfecting the formula to pay attention to presentation…but don’t let yourself fall for this.

Pay attention to the company behind the product.

3. YOU matter

One of the most important things we’ve realized is that yes, certain butt enhancement products work…BUT they normally do not work by themselves.

What do we mean by this?

Well, simply that in order for a pill or cream to be truly effective – you must do your part as well.

For example, Bovine Ovary works WONDERS – but you need to do your part to raise your body temperature to at least 98.2 and consume enough protein to give your body the building blocks it needs during the growing process. Without this effort on your part, all the Bovine Ovary in the world won’t do your booty good.

how to get a bigger butt

Same thing with herbs – know which herbs will work for you and which will drive you crazy. Get to know your body a little and make the necessary adjustments to make herbs work for you.

For example, if you decide to take phytoestrogenic herbs to make your butt grow – but you know that fat stores most easily in your breasts, then you’ll want to supplement your phytoestrogenic herbs with some anti-prolactin herbs to keep the growth from going to your breasts.

Both watercress and L-tyrosine are anti-prolactins and will serve this purpose well.

Again, do your research on the herbs that are most effective for butt growth and feed your butt accordingly!

Okay, now that you know what to look for when choosing a butt enlargement product that will work for you – check out our lists for the best butt enhancement pills as well as the best butt enhancement creams.

We always go into exactly what ingredients each formula uses as well as the potency so be sure to read the reviews before you pick the best one for you!


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