Butt Blaster Machine Review: Is It Worth It? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As far as glute machines go, the Butt Blaster machine is one of the most well-known. And it sounds fantastic. It claims to provide a targeted glute workout and has been advertised to be amazing for sculpting that perfect booty.


The thing is, though – this machine is also known to be expensive, like several thousands of dollars kind of expensive and given that price tag, few of us can afford to purchase it for our home gyms.

Oh, that’s okay, you say, I’ll just use it at the gym. Well, that’s another problem – they’re rarely found in gyms. Which means the choice comes down to: buy it or just don’t use it.

So if you’re contemplating that difficult decision yourself, let’s bite into it. So, what is all the Butt Blaster hype actually about? And are the results worth your hard-earned cash?

The Butt Blaster: What is It?

First up, we should address the elephant in the room: The BUTT BLASTER machine?? Really? Despite its unfortunate name, this machine gets an awful lot of press, particularly from your typical women’s health sites.

butt blaster machine

With that in mind, this article is written with a difference, and aims to give you the real facts behind this highly-rated and sought after resistance machine.

The Butt Blaster Machine: Does it Work?

At first glance this machine might be more legitimate than its infomercial-sounding title might have implied. The Butt Blaster machine is essentially a resistance machine for leg extension. This movement is entirely lower-body focused and thanks to the targeted, isolated training, it can help you grow the size of your gluteus maximus muscle.

First, consider the benefits of using free weights, opposed to weight resistance machines. Although this is not a problem specific to the Butt Blaster machine, it is an essential consideration. Free weight exercises such as barbell squats and kettlebell swings act to recruit stabilizer muscles, which can prove highly beneficial in improving the overall size and strength of your booty and hip region – a part of the body known for injury risk.

Although it is true that complete glute and hamstring isolation have their benefits, this is not the most effective way of obtaining results. The only reason you should have for choosing this machine when you head to the gym, is if the squat racks and smith machine are in use (even then, a resistance band might be more effective).

Second, the majority of gym-goers are inexperienced and find it challenging to isolate their core and engage the muscles of their trunk enough to protect their spine.

This engagement is very important during the exercise performed on the Butt Blaster machine, even more so because the butt blaster machine is only appropriately sized to a small percentage of users. This design flaw can cause an exaggerated dip in the region of the spine during use without proper core control.

This becomes dangerous, as not only is the body moving ineffectively, increasing your risk of injury (bulging disc) and back pain.

Is the Butt Blaster Machine Worth It?

If you have reached this site, it’s likely safe to assume that you primary fitness goals is to develop a large, rounded, toned butt. The key question: Is the Butt Blaster Machine worth the price tag?

The answer we would be inclined to give is no. At least, not for the price.

The glute isolation is great but it really only is capable of performing one function – the kickback. And although weights do allow you to regularly increase resistance, it is still just one glute workout that you’re able to perform on a nearly $3,000 machine.

That’s just not worth it. Especially since there are better alternatives…

Are There Alternatives to the Butt Blaster Machine?

The Butt Blaster machine isn’t worth your money, but what is? Here are our suggestions.

The Glute Master

The Glute Master machine is actually very similar in appearance to the Butt Blaster – but with a very crucial difference: a much friendlier price tag.

butt blaster machine

And the affordability doesn’t mean it’s a shabby product either – the GluteMaster is well-made, comfortable and provides an excellent alternative to the Butt Blaster machine as far as posterior leg extension from the hip is concerned.

It is important to take note that the weights and adapter sleeves for this machine are sold separately, but if you’re looking for a resistance machine-based alternative to the Butt Blaster, the GluteMaster is probably the best on the market.

Glute Resistance Bands

Glute resistance bands come in variety of different types and incorporating them into your workout regime can have many major benefits when it comes to increasing and improving your glute muscle size and strength.

resistance bands for glutes

And thanks to the sheer versatility of booty workouts you can do with resistance bands, using just a mini-loop resistance bands in movements such as squats, crab walks, and lateral leg raises on a regular basis is likely to have a much more profound effect than the use of the Butt Blaster resistance machine.

Not to mention resistance bands have a wide variety of other uses, which are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment that are well-worth your investment.


One of the best examples of easy and versatile free-weight equipment that you can keep at home, kettle bells provide a full body work out and can be worked into exercises that can be adapted to focus specifically on the booty.

butt blaster machine

The key factor that makes kettle bells so awesome when discussing this particular topic, is that the most simplistic of exercises – a kettle bell swing – targets all the regions of your body (the thighs, butt, back, shoulders) that we’re aiming for to try and obtain that coveted ‘hour-glass’ figure.

Alright, that’s all for today. If you’ve been debating whether to shell over the nearly $3,000 for a Butt Blaster machine – don’t. As you can see here, there are plenty of other, more affordable and just as effective tools that have been proven to work through the experience of thousands of athletes and gym-bunnies.


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