Booty Magic Review: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This

Booty Magic is relatively new to the butt enhancement market but it’s already one of the most popular brands out there. But you naturally want to know whether all the attention is hype or if there’s substance to its booty growing claims. Sure, there’s tons of social proof surrounding the brand’s products already but you want to know more.


You want an in-depth Booty Magic review to determine whether this line of butt enhancement pills and creams is right for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place. By the time you’re finished reading this review, you’ll know exactly whether to pull the trigger or not.

How Does Booty Magic Work?

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter: how does Booty Magic work? The simple answer is: phytoestrogens.

To recap in case you don’t already know, phytoestrogens are simply plant-based estrogens that mimic the naturally occurring female hormone, estrogen. This is crucial for booty growth (and breast growth) because estrogen is the main hormone that’s responsible for a woman’s curves.

The typical woman’s body tends to have a smaller waist and more fat storage on the hips, thighs and breasts. Estrogen is hugely responsible for increasing fat storage around the hips and thighs while both estrogen and progesterone impact larger breasts.

In contrast, a typical man’s body is usually much leaner around the hips and thighs while tending to store more fat around the middle. That’s mostly a consequence of testosterone.

booty magic review

So what does all this have to do with Booty Magic? Well, Booty Magic has two main products: the Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Pills and the complementary Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream.

And we say they’re complementary because they each have slightly different ingredients but are best taken together as they’re designed to be more effective alongside each other.

The one thing that both the pills and cream have in common is that they contain potent phytoestrogens. And it’s the presence of these plant-based estrogens that, over time, naturally shape your body to be curvier in the buttocks and hips region. Not to mention, estrogen is also responsible for other perks like softer skin, healthier hair, bone density and even vaginal wetness.

Of course, there is a downside to phytoestrogens as well. And that is that not everyone can take them…

Who Can Take Booty Magic?

Booty Magic is perfect for women who are looking to get a bigger butt naturally.

booty magic review

Thanks to its formulation of ingredients, it contains both phytoestrogens that can increase fat storage in the butt and hips as well as other helpful ingredients like Maca, which helps boost booty musculature.

So it’s perfect for women who are looking to gain fat on their buttocks as well as enhance the overall shape of the booty.

Note: Booty Magic is great for women but if you’re a man who wants a bigger, stronger butt – you may want to think twice before using Booty Magic.

Taking potent phytoestrogens like the ingredients found in Booty Magic can result in more than you bargained for, such as feminizing your overall figure.

These phytoestrogenic herbs like Pueraria Mirifica and Fenugreek have been known to boost breast growth as well as hip and butt enlargement and that is probably not what you’re looking for.

So if you’re a man trying to get a bigger butt – and only a bigger butt – it may be better to choose a non-hormonal booty enhancing product like Maca and protein.

How Long Does Booty Magic Take to Work?

This is one question that pretty much everyone has – after all, you want a bigger butt pronto! But hold your horses. Because a fuller, bigger butt does take some time to grow.

Think back to the last time you had a load of hormones flood your body – i.e. puberty. Looking back, it may seem like the bodily changes that happened then occurred virtually overnight but in fact, it took months and years to womanize your figure.

That doesn’t mean you have to use Booty Magic for years in order to get the curves you’re after but it does mean that simply feeding your body with phytoestrogens for a week is not long enough to product the changes you’re after.

So plan to be patient and stick with regularly using the pills and cream for at least a month or two.

Is Booty Magic Worth It?

Our overall verdict is: YES.

The pills alone contain a bevy of potent phytoestrogens like Fenugreek and Red Clover as well as testosterone-reducing Saw Palmetto and muscle-boosting, hormone-balancing Maca root.

On top of that, you get a fantastic, complementary cream that contains Pueraria Mirifica, which contains the highest phytoestrogenic activity found in nature and is the most structurally similar to the estrogen our body’s produce.

booty magic review

That’s a winning combo right there. No wonder it’s proven to be so effective – just ask the over 1,500 users who’ve given it an average of 4.5 stars.

Still don’t want to risk it? Well, you don’t have to. All of Booty Magic’s products are backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee so stick it out for at least the first two months. You have nothing to lose and a booty to gain!

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