Apex Booty Review: Total Scam or a Legit Butt Enhancement Cream?

On the hunt for a no nonsense, honest Apex Booty review? We get that. At $28.50 per bottle, it’s one of the more affordably priced butt enhancement creams on the market, which is tempting. Plus, it has some highly positive reviews.


But even if it’s priced really low, why waste the money when you could spend it on butt enhancement products that actually work? Ah, what’s a girl to do.

Read this full Apex Booty review, for one. If you’re curious about whether Apex Booty is worth your time, effort and money – here’s everything you need to know.

What is Apex Booty?

Apex Booty is a butt enhancement cream that claims to be composed of a unique blend of powerful enlargement ingredients that boost and lift your butt.

    If you’ve never heard of Apex Booty cream before, that’s okay – this one’s pretty new to the butt enhancement market. And as usual, it’s being touted as the new, next big thing and garnering a lot of attention.

    Which isn’t surprising considering the claims and promises made by the brand.

    apex booty review

    A “bootylicious backside in as little as 2 weeks,” it promises. Which sounds good. It definitely appeals to our need for instant gratification. But it sounds a little too good to be true.

    In fact, this claim is just a little too over the top to appeal to our need for things to make sense. Because by now, we know that even the best, most effective products take time to work. The most effective glute-focused workout regiments, the best creams and pills with the most potent butt-enhancing ingredients – all of these take well over 2 weeks to work.

    So these claims were the first thing about Apex Booty to seriously raise some eyebrows but it didn’t stop there…

    How Does Apex Booty Work?

    There’s plenty of hype around Apex Booty, but as you know, we’re less interested in the hype and completely focused on the actual effectiveness of a product.

    And one of the best ways to know whether a product works or not is to take a look at how it purports to work. Here’s what Apex Booty says about their cream…

    apex booty review

    Basically, Apex Booty cream is supposed to work by using a natural combination of vitamins, herbs and root extracts to plump and tighten the skin as well as increasing fat and muscle gain.

    That’s one seriously multi-tasking cream! But can it back up its claims? Let’s find out…

    Does Apex Booty Work?

    That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? The one that you’re here to answer.

    Well, the best way to know from the get go whether or not a butt enhancement product works is simply by taking a look at the ingredients.

    A quick glance at Apex Booty’s ingredients list reveals that the cream is composed of:

    • Green Tea. An antioxidant that’s good for your skin.
    • Soy Protein. Protein is helpful for muscle growth and soy isoflavones are phytoestrogenic.
    • Macadamia Seed Oil. Contains essential fatty acids.
    • Vitamin E. Both an antioxidant and a moisturizer.

      And that’s pretty much it – the rest are filler ingredients.

      Needless to say, this ingredient line-up is pretty disappointing since it reveals that there is nothing in Apex Booty cream that can cause the sort of butt enhancement that it promises. Ingredients like Green Tea and Vitamin E are nice and all, but they’re the sort of things you’d expect to find in an everyday face lotion – not a booty growth cream.

      Same for Macadamia Seed Oil. We love oils – they’re nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, but they won’t do much for butt growth, which everyone who’s tried something like fish oil and Vitamin E can attest to.

      But what about the soy protein, you ask, isn’t that good for the booty? Well, kind of. Protein is crucial for muscle growth which is why we definitely recommend that it be a big part of your diet, especially when you’re doing butt workouts.

      The operative word there is: diet. Protein feeds and fuels your muscles when you ingest it, not when you apply it topically on your butt!

      As for the “soy” aspect – that’s the one and only somewhat promising part of this cream. One study researched the effects of topically applying an isoflavones-rich, concentrated soy extract on the gluteal region of 30 postmenopausal women. 

      The study found that after six months, the extract caused significant increases in skin thickness, as measured by dermal elasticity and collagen fibers.

      Sounds promising, right? But then again, this study measures results for concentrated soy extract, which is not quite the ingredient that’s found in the cream. And as for the isoflavones in soy protein? Well, the phytoestrogens in soy are one of the weakest ones out there. You’d do much better with butt enhancement pills and creams that contain stronger herbs like Red Clover, Fenugreek as well as Pueraria Mirifica or even good old Maca to boost glute gains.

      All in all, we’d say Apex Booty sounds promising but when you look closely, it is indeed all hype. Save your money and stick to the butt enhancement creams that are proven to work.


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