What a Good Butt Enlargement Cream Can Do for Your Butt

Your skin does you a lot more good than you’re normally aware of. Not only does it protect you from the sun and keep fluids in your body – it helps you get a bigger butt.

“Your skin is enough of a barrier to keep fluids within your body,” writes Samuel Epstein, MD, and author of Toxic Beauty (BenBella Books, 2009), “but it also readily absorbs many things with which it comes in contact.”

The skin does not readily absorb everything we apply on it – thank god! – and whether or not the skin will absorb something depends on several factors, such as the substance itself, the skin’s overall health, hydration of the skin, etc. – but scientists agree that the skin can absorb what is applied to it.

This is really good news. Even if you’re taking herbs or other bigger butt pills orally, those pills are absorbed into the digestive system and they have to go through the liver and the kidneys, which break the substances down. This obviously reduces the pill’s overall efficacy.

On the other hand – the creams you apply on the skin does not go through such a filtering process. The substance is absorbed directly through your skin and into your bloodstream.

This is not to say that taking bigger butt pills and herbs are a waste – it’s just a good reason to supplement oral pills with a cream. That way you can make sure that your body is getting enough of the butt enhancing ingredient to actually make a difference to your figure.

The one thing that you do want to keep in mind, though, when choosing a butt enhancement cream is that it can interact with the butt enhancement pill that you are using. In short: not all pills and creams go together.

If you are taking bovine ovary pills, for example, you may want to be careful that you don’t accidentally put a herbal cream on your butt. This is because you do not want the herbs, which are less potent hormonally, to interfere with the bovine ovary’s effect on your hormones.

It’s the same if you’re taking pueraria mirifica, which supplies your body with potent phytoestrogens. Again, using a less potent herbal butt enhancement cream can interfere with the pueraria so if you’re taking butt enlargement pills that contain either bovine ovary or pueraria mirifica, it’s much better to fo for a Volufiline cream.

The thing that makes Volufiline creams so beneficial to use alongside hormonal butt enlargement products is that these creams don’t affect your hormones at all – instead they work in a complementary fashion, working to increase fat cells to plump up your booty.

Want to know more about the options you have when it comes to butt enlargement creams? Here is a list of the best creams to fill out your butt.

Wendy - July 15, 2014

What cream and supplement is best to use for my butt and what cream to put back the elastic in my skin

FIKILE - August 22, 2014

I want to have a big buttocks and hips faster where can i find the cream in gauteng

    Janet Kay - September 5, 2014

    I’m really not sure where they would sell any of the butt enlargement creams in Gauteng – you can try ordering on Amazon and see if they deliver there. Good luck!

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