How to Get a Bigger Butt Naturally by Working With Your Body Type

Summer’s fast approaching, and the best thing that goes with those daisy dukes and printed bikinis is a tight derriere. A firm, rounded butt is on many wishlists this year, and the good news is – it’s not impossible to achieve.

One simple way to speed up the process is to identify your body type and work with what you have, instead of following a generic exercise routine that may not produce the best results for your particular body type.

To determine your body type, all you really have to do is look at the mirror. If you can’t easily identify your body type, another good indicator is where you notice the most weight gain first. If a bag of chips automatically equates to a softer stomach or jiggling thighs, chances are these problem areas are consistent with the kind of body you have.

Read on for more tips on how to get a firmer, tighter behind based on your body type!

Body Type #1. The Mid-Section Gainer

If you are this body type, you gain weight quickly in the mid-section/stomach. This is actually a really common plight among women, especially as we age.

big butt small waist: the perfect combination

More than 50% of women have excess belly fat and this has got to stop since aside from drawing attention away from your butt, a large stomach also makes you prone to a number of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and a variety of cancers.

To make your butt stand out instead of your stomach, you might think you have to do super killer workouts on top of your booty exercises to see results…but that’s not necessarily the case.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen“?

That saying sums up the fact that the easiest, most effective way to lose belly fat is through what you EAT.

Load up on dairy as well as foods high in protein and mono-saturated fats such as whole grain bread, eggs and cheese. Tomatoes are also a superfood that is low on fat but very filling. It’s also a natural diuretic that can help you get rid of dreaded bloating.

Another helpful tip? Try a waist slimming belt – it takes no effort and is great for burning off the fat from your belly.

Body Type #2. The Thigh Master

If you’re this body type, you gain weight quickly on your thighs. Like women who report weight gain on their butt (those lucky ones), your body also has a tendency to store fat in the lower half.

What’s the best workout plan for you? You need to work on toning exercises and strength training as well.

how to get a bigger butt naturally

Lucky for you many thigh exercises naturally tighten the butt, so it’s hitting two birds with one stone – without much extra work 🙂

Focus on longer, easier workouts instead of high intensity ones to really make problem areas leaner. Use very light weights as they’ll help you lean out your thighs and push up your butt at the same time.

Body Type #3. The Butt-Blessed

If you’re this body type, you naturally gain more weight in the butt. Lucky you. A big behind is a sign that estrogen is pumping through your body and some studies even show that a bigger bottom half can protect you against illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes.


However, if you have a big butt that can use some toning – the downside to this body type is that it’s one of the toughest areas to trim down since your body is designed to store weight gain on your lower half as energy reserves.

But don’t despair, if your goal is to get an ass worth wiggling, it will be slightly easier for you.

While you may already have the heft, what you need to focus on is major toning. Before you turn on that treadmill, remember that your cardio should be coupled with strength training to efficiently burn fat and build muscle. This is the fastest way for you to tighten that tushie and give it perk. Other benefits of strength training also includes bone density, a stronger heart and better balance and coordination.

Aside from exercise, make sure you eat healthy as well. Focus on lean proteins such as skinned chicken breast to fast track muscle building and stay off the sweets, so all your hard work building a better butt won’t turn to flab.

Body Type #4. The Top Heavy Gainer

If you’re this body type, you tend to gain weight easily on your top side, particularly in your face and arms. This is actually one of the toughest body types if you’re aiming for a rounded, Kardashian-worthy derriere since your body simply isn’t wired to store fat in your bottom half.


Also known as the android body type, having excess upper body fat is dangerous, especially since it poses an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Focus on doing a lot of weights and strength training for your bottom half. Be careful not to overdo the cardio exercises though, since excess cardio, while it can slim down your face, can wipe out any definition in your butt as well.

The good part of being an android body type is that the recommended diet for you involves a lot of eating, since you need to bulk up your lower half.

But be sure to munch on the healthy stuff so that all the weight you gain will be muscle instead of fat. Load up on proteins such as beef, chicken and eggs, and a lot of dairy.

If you’re trying to round out your hips and add some filling to your butt with this body type – we’d also recommend looking outside just diet and exercise and going for a phytoestrogen supplement like Pueraria Mirifica.

It’s a plant with potent phytoestrogens – estrogen, as you already know, is the hormone that’s responsible for widening the hips and increasing fat storage on your butt, as well as adding overall voluptuousness to your curves – both butt and breasts.

Body Type #5. Simply Slim

If you’re this body type, you just can’t seem to gain weight, no matter how hard you try.

how to get a bigger butt when you're skinny

While all your friends might be jealous, this happy problem has it’s downside when you’re actually looking to tone your buttocks. It will be an uphill battle for you, since your body is not prone to storing fat.

If you can’t gain weight, the best thing to do is to focus on diet first.

Load up on starchier food, good carbs will be your best friend. Choose brown rice, pasta potatoes and yams, instead of reaching for that sugary doughnut. Protein is also hugely helpful, so don’t think twice about indulging in that juicy steak. Have two.

And don’t forget the fat but stick to the healthy ones like avocado, nuts and seeds, and coconut meat and oil.

If you have trouble getting enough calories each and every day, go for something that makes it easy, like Boost drinks, for example, which are very nutritionally dense and high in protein – which is great for growing your booty – as well as calories.

Another great option is to add a natural appetite stimulant like FoodBoost Weight Gain Pills. It’ll encourage you to eat more and gain weight more easily.

In terms of exercises, focus on creating definition and strength training to transform all the food you’ve been eating into muscle.

Strength training and lifting heavy weights will be very effective in creating muscles for your lower half for tight buttocks. And as for cardio…try to shy away from doing too much of it. In fact, cut it down to a bare minimum.

Go for short and intense training sessions instead – the Kim Kardashian workout routine, for example, is a great starting base.

And if you want short and simple, totally glute-focused workouts that’ll get you a bigger, shapelier butt in 30 days or less – you’ll want to check out the 30/30 Bubble Butt program.

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