Give Yourself an Instant Boost with the Best Butt Lifting Underwear

So you’re exercising, eating right, and taking the best butt enhancement pills as well – but you want that big booty NOW. Well, say hello to butt lifting underwear.

If you already have some buttock fat to work with, why not give your butt (and your mood) a boost with these butt-lifting panties? These secret little booty enhancers are amazing – they instantly transform a regular, slightly saggy buttocks into a stacked bubble butt.

We’ve listed our favorite lifters below. They are all fantastic because unlike the typical padded panties – these don’t use pads to give you a poppin’ butt – they use the fat from your very own butt and just gives it an awesome (voluptuous) lift to make it look amazing.

Sakkas Bottom Lifter Panty

best padded panties for bigger buttThese are one of our favorites in beautiful booty wear.

When you wear this under your jeans or dress, that jiggle in your butt is all yours :)

These are especially great for when you’re going out for a date with your man and you want your butt to look great, but you’re terrified he’ll touch your butt and discover that it’s full of cotton padding. This way, even if he sneaks a grab – he’ll get a handful of 100% booty.

These panties also provide waist, abdomen control and upper thigh control, for an hourglass figure.

Note: These padded panties are amazing BUT they run a bit small. They are best for women with small to medium figures.  Also, remember to order one size above what you normally wear.

Get them on Amazon for $22.99!

Fitness Etc. Butt Lift Tummy Control Shaper

shapewear for bigger buttWe love the Sakkas panties above because of its booty-pushing powers AND for the upper thigh control. BUT if you don’t have a thigh problem OR have the kind of thighs that make those panty legs roll up, you might be more comfortable with these boy-short type butt lifters.

As you can see in the photo, these don’t have upper thigh control – they simply mold the butt and push it way UP.

These are fantastic panties, especially if you want to wear them with a short dress or skirt!

Get it on Amazon for less than $10!

Ardyss Panty Reshaper

natural butt liftThese are the original butt shaping panties and it’s wonder they are so popular – these panties make your butt loom HIGH and LARGE.

These panties are fitted with special elastic bands that make it a little hard to get the panties past your hips, but once you get them on – these panties are MAGIC.

It completely holds your belly area in and pushes your butt up, up and UP.

If you’re looking for just ONE butt shaping panty to try, this should be it.

Get it on Amazon for $39.50!

As awesome as these butt lifting panties are…they are sadly not permanent. If you want a butt that is not just bigger but lifted, perky and firm – you’re going to have to work for it. The good news is that it doesn’t take long.

With the right program of totally gluteal-muscle-focused workouts that hit your glutes from all angles, you can take your butt to the bigger, higher places it wants to go in 30 days or less.

Check out the 30/30 Bubble Butt program – it’s laser-targeted toward working the gluteal muscles and will transform your booty in a matter of weeks, with very little time investment. Sign up now to get instant access to the program!

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