Do Butt Lift Jeans Really Work?

2014 was hailed as the year of the booty, and the desire for plump, round buttocks is unlikely to die down anytime soon. Yup, I think we can all agree that we’re living in the ‘decade of the booty.’


If you’re not blessed with the natural twerk-worthy curves, don’t lose hope just yet. There are a number of options that you can consider before dropping serious cash to go under the knife.

Of course you can exercise your way to a shapely bum, but if you’re looking for something a bit more instant the answer to your perky butt wishes might lie in a certain wardrobe investment.

Enter butt-lifting jeans.

Also called booty jeans or booster fit jeans, the new take on this everyday staple is marketed as a godsend for those with a flat booty.

But the question remains, do they really work? To answer that, we have to delve a bit deeper into the mechanics of creating push-up jeans.

How Do Butt Lift Jeans Work?

Butt lift jeans are a pretty ingenious invention that first started in Brazil and then the popularity of these jeans soon became so immense that other Latin countries started producing booty lifting jeans as well.

But they soon spread beyond the Latin American markets, gradually spreading worldwide as the demand for perky bubble butts went international.

The good thing about this is that the makers of butt lift jeans have had decades to hone the art of creating jeans that provide the ultimate lift.

So how do they do it? What differentiates a pair of butt lifting jeans from the average Levi’s?

For starters, the typical push up jeans make use of clever stitching and fading to give the illusion of a bigger butt.

These strategic dyeing and fading techniques include tactics like dying the waistband a darker color to give the image of a smaller waist, as well as increasing the fade down the center of the thigh to mimic the look of thigh gap and a more pronounced curve.

But it’s not all about ‘contouring.’ Butt lift jeans also make use of a diagonal seam that elongates to form a heart shape around your butt and cuts across your hips to make the butt look extra-curvy.

butt lift jeans

If you’re looking for something a bit more instant the answer to your perky butt wishes , start hunting down a pair of butt lifting jeans.

There is also a narrower fit at the seat of the jeans to naturally push your butt up.

And of course, butt lift jeans are typically pinched in one, two or several places above the back pockets to shape the excess cloth and provide more tight-fitting definition in the booty area.

For butt lift jeans with pockets, the design positions the pockets extra high to give the additional illusion of more lift.

Another secret? Some butt lifting jeans actually add on more fabric in the buttocks area than you’d find in a normal pair of jeans.

Sometimes, this padding effect is taken even further – a certain kind of butt lifting jeans dubbed specifically as the Brazilian Butt Lift jeans, are now made in stretchy fabric that includes a couple of discreet pouches strategically placed on the inside of the jeans so you can add even more padding for a pronounced lift!

When it comes to effects, they are nowhere near as drastic as having actual silicone implanted on your butt, but they do make for a noticeable difference.

Think of it as a sort of push-up bra for your tush. Latin women in particular swear by this kind of jeans for the enviable figure-8 silhouette it helps them achieve. It also helps that they are priced very affordably at around the same level as a regular pair of jeans.

What are the Best Butt Lift Jeans?

If you’re looking for a subtle (or not-so-subtle) lift to give your sexy ensemble an additional oomph, I would definitely recommend for your to start hunting down a pair of butt lifting jeans. In case your local mall doesn’t carry them yet, here are a few of the best butt lifting jeans you can get online!

U-Turn Stretchy Butt Lift Jeans

butt lift jeans

These are the perfect everyday jeans to give your booty a subtle lift and a luscious curve. They’re made out of stretchy cotton that’s a little bit on the thick side, making them ideal for the autumn and winter months.

So super comfortable but the best thing about these jeans? They make your butt look…wow. It’s a combination of the smooth fabric that hugs the booty perfectly as well as the seams that make the butt area look rounder and more apple-bottomed. Get ’em here!

Colombian Design Butt Lift Jeans

butt lift jeans

These high waisted butt lifting jeans have a great stretchiness to them that make them feel as comfortable as jeggings while still being jeans. They’re absolutely perfect for those who’re looking for a boost in the booty department as well as some excellent tummy control.

The high waistband is actually pretty magical since it looks fashionable and does a great job of cinching in your tummy flab without being the slightest bit uncomfortable. But our favorite thing about these butt lifting jeans is that they sort of grab all the fat you have lying around your butt area and arrange them into a bubble butt. Get ’em here!

Lowla Fashion ‘Levanta Cola’ Jeans

butt lift jeans

‘Levanta cola,’ in case you’re wondering simply means ‘butt lifter’ and that’s exactly what these jeans do. Not only do these butt lifters gently push up your buttocks to make them appear fuller, rounder and firmer but they even come with enhancing butt pads that you can insert for an even fuller look! Get ’em here!

Curvify Brazilian Style Butt Lift Jeans

butt lift jeans

These cleverly made butt lifting jeans come in a huge range of styles and colors – from cropped to skinny to shorts – so you’ll be able to find a style that you love. Or…you just may end up getting them in every style and color ’cause these are ridiculously flattering jeans.

They’re skin tight, grabbing onto all your curves, but they’re also very soft cotton denim with spandex so they’re comfy enough to wear all day. And they do amazing things for your overall figure – giving the booty a luscious-looking curve as well as squeezing in any extra belly or muffin tops! Get ’em here!

Tips for Buying Butt Lift Jeans

Okay, so most of us aren’t used to shopping for butt lifting jeans, whether at stores or online so here are a few tips to make sure you get a pair that will last you for years!

1.) Make sure there’s a return policy. I’m all for online shopping, but if you do – make sure they have a return and exchange policy so you can always go up or down a size if you must. Fit is particularly confusing for those who are buying their first pair because a majority of these jean brands are Latin American, and are therefore sized specifically for Latin American women, so your staple size at Sears might not work the same way.

2.) Check the details. Make sure the seams are sewn well and the addition of extra padding looks discreet enough. The last thing you’d want is a butt that commands attention because it looks horrendously fake.

3.) Check washing instructions. When it comes to denim, especially good-quality pairs, proper washing is key. Certain brands and styles of butt-lifting jeans recommend hand-washing so that the stretch of the material can be maintained.

And don’t forget…if you find your perfect size, consider investing in numerous pairs, I warn you the effects of an instant lift on your derriere is extremely addicting.


Mia Klein - April 24, 2015

Honestly, there is only one way to get a bigger butt. It’s the same logic that applies to anything… You have to pick a program and STICK TO IT. People confuse themselves way too much by looking at different things all the time. Invest $30-40 on a workout program (there are tons online), instead of $50+ per session with a personal trainer, and follow the program. The point is, just stop thinking about it so much and find something you’re comfortable doing on a daily basis.

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