Butt Implants: Yay or Nay?

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way, and there are now a number of safe and effective options when you want a little lift in your butt.

The most popular surgery is still butt augmentation through the use of implants.

What Sort of Implants are Available?

There are generally two types of implants you can have inserted. In the US, most doctors opt for solid elastomeric implants, which are made out of soft, solid silicone. Outside of the US, you can find more doctors who do gel implants.

butt implants before and after

One big difference between the two is the look you want to achieve. Solid silicone is a material used frequently in the past to augment a flat butt, however the downside is that is has a firmer, more unnatural look and feel. On the other hand, get implants are viscous and semi-solid so they tend to look and feel much more like natural fat.

However – and this is a big “however” – gel implants have a higher risk of rupturing and leaking than the solid silicone implants simply because the solid silicone implants cannot rupture (they’re solid, you know). Although the risk of gel implants rupturing is meant to be minimal – the risk is still there, while the solid silicone implants have no risk of leaking anything dangerous into your body.

How Do Butt Implants Work?

To conduct a butt augmentation, a surgically certified doctor creates a small incision in your butt, and puts in the implants. Always remember that the implants are placed on top of the muscles in your posterior area so they will be no risk of rupturing just by sitting on your ass the whole day.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Butt Implants?

Still need help deciding? Here’s a comprehensive pros and cons guide to guide you through the decision-making process.

The PROS of Butt Implants:

  • They Look Great! Of course this is the no brainer reason why you’re even considering getting implants, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. A more ample booty means that your body will look curvaceous and proportionate. When you get implants, you also lessen the sag, so your butt will look lifted, and more firm, this would give you a more youthful appearance from behind. Also, shopping for pants or tight-fit dresses no longer have to be a nightmare. If you dread trying on jeans because they’re always wrinkly and loose at the back, you can now enjoy fitting snugly into your skinny jeans or bandage dresses.
  • They’re Permanent. Unlike other herbal supplements or massage and exercise equipment, having a silicone butt implant means you never have to worry about losing your curves whenever your weight fluctuates. This is also the biggest pro that butt implants have against the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. In the latter, there is the advantage of being less risk and more natural, but there’s also a chance that the body will reabsorb the fat, and the intended effect for your posterior might not last long.
  • Anyone Can Get Them. Unlike the Brazilian Butt Lift, you don’t have to be of a certain size or weight to be able to get butt implants. Butt implants are highly customizable, and can be tailor-fit to your body type by taking into account of the shape of your natural buttocks and the shape of your pelvic bone. With an expert surgeon, you can have very natural-looking butt implants despite having a skinny frame.
  • They’re Durable. If you’re worried that the silicone might burst from too much sitting down, this is actually a rare occurrence. If you get good quality implants performed by a skilled surgeon, there is a very slim chance that the implants will burst since they actually sit on the upper part of your buttocks, and not on the same area you use when you sit.

But despite the advantages, butt implants come with some downsides, too…

The CONS of Butt Implants:

  • All the risks that come with a surgical procedure. Like any other invasive procedure, there is always a chance, however minuscule, of complications. This can range from treatable pain to more permanents muscle or nerve damage. If you are highly sensitive, there might be a serious risk of allergic reactions to anesthesia. Since this is a surgical procedure, it might require the doctor to recommend general anesthesia which basically shuts down your consciousness and affects your nervous system. This increases the risks of complication, unlike Brazilian Butt Lifts where only local anesthesia (anesthesia that only numbs the nerves of a specific area) is needed and no consciousness is lost. If you opt for a buttock crease incision, infections may also be likely. Make sure your chosen doctor keeps sanitary procedures in mind. Your doctor should also give you specific post-operation instructions on how to care for your wound to keep infections at bay.
  • Foreign substances can invade your bloodstream. While highly unlikely, there have been reported cases of ruptures of silicone implants due to a botched procedure. Having silicone or other hazardous substances in your bloodstream can be very dangerous and cause paralysis and even death. As I mentioned this is a very rare occurence, however there is still this risk involved, so make sure to get a reputable doctor, even for cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Time, patience and pain tolerance are required. Since this is a surgical procedure, there is sufficient pain from the incision wound and swelling, so ample healing time must be allocated. This is not the kind of procedure where you can be back on your feet and in your desk after a week. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks before patients can go back to normal activities since there is still swelling after the surgery. It will also take around the same span of time to see the full physical effect of your butt implant to take effect.
  • They look and feel less natural. Because the implants will most likely be solid silicone – at certain angles, they will look less natural than a real butt. They can also feel a bit harder than typical butt fat. Consider this the trade-off for permanent effects.

To sum it up, a butt implant is relatively safe as long as you get it done by a reputable doctor and religiously follow pre and post operation instructions. It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial research is prior to having the operation done.

Some tips when seriously considering butt implants:

  • Make damn sure that the surgeon is board-certified and accredited.
  • If having it done in a foreign country, make sure to find out what the requirements are for a doctor to become a surgeon. In third world countries, it’s generally safer to go for a plastic surgery specialist, because they are lax with medical rules, and you might end up with a generic surgeon who hasn’t done plastic surgery before. Don’t be easily swayed by rock bottom prices, make sure your safety is priority too.

Another Alternative to Butt Implants

If you’re set to improve your behind, but are hesitant to go for butt implants because of the risks involved, your best bet is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure is rapidly gaining popularity around the world because it offers both a plumper booty and a fitter body. The Brazilian Butt Lift basically suctions out fat from one part of your body (usually the belly) and transfers it to your butt to give it the plumper look without risking a lumpy, fake look or medical complications such as silicone implant ruptures.

brazilian butt lift fat transfer

The Brazilian butt lift is considered to be a more natural procedure since it is less invasive than butt implants. This means that the recovery time is much quicker, since you don’t have to monitor your body’s adverse reaction to foreign substances because the “implants” are your own fat.

There is also minimal scarring and no risk whatsoever of silicone rejection, rupture or other complications that stem from silicone getting into your bloodstream. As a bonus, a Brazilian butt lift is also more affordable than butt implants since it’s like paying the cost of two procedures (liposuction and plastic surgery) at a much lower price.

An important caveat though – you should only consider having a Brazilian butt lift if you have sufficient fat throughout your body. You must be of a healthy BMI and range from size 4-8 to be able to qualify for the Brazilian butt lift, since you need to have some fat to transfer in order for the transfer to be possible 🙂

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