5 Glute Workouts for Women Who Want the Perfect Bubble Butt

Every serious workout enthusiast knows the benefits of doing isolation exercises when they want to target specific body parts. When it comes to getting glorious glutes, isolation exercises are particularly helpful if you want to build a rounder, higher and firmer behind.

Before you pepper your workout routine with the specialized glute workouts for women we’ve listed below, here are a few tips to remember. It’s very important to warm up to build on your endurance and strength during the actual workout. Personal trainers recommend a few reps of hamstring curls with little or no weight, to really prime yourself for that butt-boosting workout. It’s also helpful to double up on exercises your hamstrings and quadriceps to strengthen your lower body muscles.

1. Bridge butt lift

glute workouts for women - bridge butt lift

This one is particularly recommended for beginners. Start by lying flat on your back with hands on the sides and knees bent, and feet slightly apart. Position should be similar to how you’d look if you’re about to start a sit up.

On your exhale, use your heels push up your lower back off the floor, while keeping back straight and gluteus muscles clenched. Hold this position for two seconds, inhale and then with control, go back to starting position. This constitutes one rep, do at least 3 rounds of 15 reps during your workout.

2. Leg Lifts

Leg Lift Butt Exercise

Stand up straight while keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Hold on to a a firm surface such as a tabletop or a squat rack at the gym. As you exhale, slowly lift one leg up while keeping the other straight. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

As you inhale bring the lifted leg back to the floor. Do at least 20 reps per leg. You also have the option to do this workout with ankle weights or exercise cables for for added resistance.

3. Butt Kickbacks

butt kickbacks

Start with your hands and knees on the ground, to maintain proper form, keep your arms in a straight line with your shoulders, and your legs should form a 90-degree angle with your torso. To make sure this exercise is doing it’s job on your glutes, your torso has to be steady for the entire routine.

Start by lifting your left knee and rotating the leg, while keeping knee slightly bent. After holding this position for a second, contract your butt muscles and kick as high up as you can towards the ceiling. Remember torso has to be steady throughout the routine. After holding for two seconds, bring knee back to starting position carefully. Perform three rounds of 20 repetitions per leg.

4. Karate Kicks

Think of these as squats on steroids. Start with standing straight and feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be balled up in fists and resting under your chin.

Bend knees and do a deep squat. Once you’ve reached your lowest point, lift your left knee up towards your navel and abruptly perform a side kick, while keeping your right leg stable for support. Hold for one second, and return to upright starting position.

Alternate kicks between left and right leg, and do a minimum of 20 reps per round. Make sure to keep your back straight throughout the routine by making sure chin is parallel to the ground at all times. If you want a tougher time, challenge yourself to kickout as high as you can, while maintaining proper form of course.

5. Dipsticks

This glute workout is a test in balance as much as endurance. Begin by standing straight with your left leg on the floor, and your right knee raised, with foot in line with your navel. Keep arms held out in front of you to help with your balance. Make sure your body is straight by keeping your chin parallel with the floor at all times.

Now comes the challenging part. Bend your left knee and lower your body towards the floor as much as you can while still maintaining balance and control. Pretend to be slowly sitting on a chair to make sure you’re not overexerting your patella. Hold for one second, and straighten left knee to go back to upright position. Repeat this motion of lowering your body as many times as you can in 30 seconds. After the time immediately switch legs and do the same workout using your right leg.

Aside from adding in butt isolation exercises to your gym time, there are also other ways you can modify your current workout routine. Level up on lunges, curls and sit-ups by clenching your gluteus hard when you push up. Consciously squeezing your glutes throughout the day (even when you’re not in the gym) develops the muscle making the toning process much faster.

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