How To Make Your Butt Bigger In a Week – Guaranteed

Okay, admittedly some of you are going to slightly hate us for this post. But it has to be said.

We’ve been getting emails from women who are looking to get a bigger butt fast – and by fast, they mean PRONTO – and while we can’t blame them, we have to call out those girls who think it is possible to get a bigger butt within a week.

The purpose here is obviously not to ridicule anyone, but to point to the fact that you’ve had your whole life to grow into your current, beautiful figure and to make changes to the shape of your body is going to take at least a few months of dedicated effort.

It’s important to point this out since if you are going to into this journey of growing a bigger butt with unrealistic and very impatient expectations, you are most likely not going to succeed.

And not only are you not going to succeed, you’re going to become one of those women who populate forums and comment posts with “Fill-in-the-blank doesn’t work at ALL!” when you didn’t give whatever butt enhancement pill, exercise, or routine a fair shake.

So, we wanted to do this little “how to make your butt bigger in a week” post – please take it with a grain of salt. Oh, but we should mention…this method actually does work ;)

How to Make Your Butt Bigger in a Week: Guaranteed

The answer? Drumroll, please…

Introducing…the Sakkas Bottom Lifter Panty.

how to get a bigger butt in a week

No joke – these will give you a bigger, fuller, more bouncy butt in less than a week (which is basically just the time needed to have them delivered to your door).

If you’re looking to get a bigger butt FAST, without the exercise, pill-taking work that’s involved…your best option is to opt for this beautiful piece of booty wear.

It gives instant butt enhancement – and the best part is that all that new jiggle in your butt is all yours. All it does is help lift it up, the way we wish nature would :)

It also provides really great waist shaping that helps to enhance the roundness of your hips.

And they’re only $22.99 on Amazon!

Of course, a pair of fantastic, booty-lifting jeans helps, too. Here’s our current favorite:

here’s more where those came from at Hourglass Angel – check out all their butt lifting jeans and awesome shapewear to see the shape and size of your bum improve instantly :)

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yolanda - December 1, 2014

how to get a bigger b***i have done squats lunges creams everything except for a fat transfer or implants can you please help

thobekile - March 4, 2015

Hi want big butt n his

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