How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

If you’ve decided to go the surgical route in the quest for your dream booty – it’s now time to think about your options and the best way to go about butt enhancement.

One of the most important factors between the two is your financial capability. Butt implants are a medical procedure that cost so much more than a spur of the moment shopping spree.

Know Your Options: Fat Transfer vs Butt Implants

First, you have to decide whether you’re set to get butt implants or a fat transfer. The main difference between both is that the former involves injecting your body with semi-solid silicone (similar to the material used for breast augmentation), while a fat transfer is just that, transferring your excess body fat to where you want it (your butt!).

The choice between butt implants or fat transfers also have financial repercussions. While fat transfers can seem cheaper since it’s like a “bulk deal” where you get both liposuction and enhancement in one procedure, you also have to consider that there is a possibility that your body will reabsorb the fat that you placed in your buttocks, so your butt might flatten back out over time.

On the other hand, butt implants tend to cost more, but the effect is much more prominent, and would last permanently. On an average, fat transfers which range from 3,000-5,000 dollars cost about 30-40% less than surgical butt implants.

How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

If you’re set to do butt implants, let’s discuss the costs involved.

butt implants cost


Just like any surgical procedure, there are a number of factors that will determine your total bill. Aside from the actual procedure, you would also have to shoulder:

  • consultation fees
  • anesthetist fees
  • cost for staying in the hospital while you’re in recovery
  • post-surgery medicines to ward off infections and scarring
  • as well as a lot of miscellaneous fees that can quickly add up

With this, you have the option of either paying an all inclusive lump sum for a package deal, or going the DIY route and scouring for the cheapest option for each part of the procedure.

Aside from the multitude of fees, other factors you should consider are the credentials of the doctors for the surgery. Board-certified doctors in accredited facilities cost way more than run off the mill surgeons who do not specialize in plastic surgery.

Since this is a surgical operation, an anesthesiologist is required, and there are additional costs if you opt for a board-certified anesthesiologist rather than a nurse anesthetist. Other factors such as scarring in your buttocks area also makes the procedure more difficult for the doctor, so this will also reflect on costs.

Butt Implant Prices Around the World

To give you an idea of costs, in the US, a packaged deal for butt implants that is inclusive of pre and post-operation consultations, anesthetic fees, cost for the procedure, stay in fees, and the actual procedure itself can cost well over eight thousand dollars.

The exorbitant costs are the reason why those who opt for plastic surgery consider getting it done in other parts of the world. South American, Eastern European and Asian countries are making a killing in offering cheaper medical services that they claim are almost at par with the level of excellence in the United States.

For example in Brazil, the packaged rate of consultations, anesthesia, actual procedure, including additional perks such as five-star accommodations and a bilingual translator can go as low as $4290.

Similar packages go for slightly higher rates in Asian countries such as India, where prices start at $5000 and the Philippines, where procedures are priced at $5,400 and above. While it might be a no brainer to go where the surgery rates are cheapest, also take into consideration, travel expenses and the kind of medical education that professionals in each country receives.

Case in point: In most third world countries, any doctor with a license can perform medical surgery, but this doesn’t mean he or she is an expert at butt augmentation. When shopping around for a surgeon, ask a lot of questions about their prior experience and if they have undergone accredited residency programs that specifically tackle cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

What You Should Know…

The safety of the procedure isn’t wholly dependent on the country you have it done, other factors such as the credentials of the doctors and hospitals you choose are just as crucial in making your decision.

The benefit of having it done in the USA is that there are strict medical regulatory boards and numerous ways to hold the doctors accountable in the case of a botched procedure. In foreign countries, regulation might be looser and you might have a harder time seeking for damages in case anything goes wrong.

A good way to gauge the safety of having a butt transplant in a foreign country is to see how much the government focuses on medical tourism. Countries that are well-known for being hotspots for surgical procedures such as Thailand have frameworks in place for the number of patients that fly into the country. However always remember that a huge demand can also foster a shady black market, so you must never scrimp on research.

The bottom line is: don’t be immediately swayed by just the attractive prices, prioritize your safety too. There are a number of news reports that warn people who go to foreign countries to get surgical procedures that they should be scrupulous when choosing their doctors.

Always do ample research beforehand. There are doctors with little to no medical training who operate illegal clinics wherein they just straight out inject silicone to your butt (a huge no-no). A notorious doctor in Venezuela is being investigated since he has been known to carelessly inject biopolymers into the behinds of his patients for as low as $300.

Drastically low prices like this should act as a siren that such a complicated procedure a rock bottom price should be avoided. Always remember that it’s okay to cut corners and find ways to save money with the procedure, but when it comes to your body, ultimately you get what you pay for.

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